Top 10 Newspapers In The world {Ultimate}

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Top 10 Daily Newspapers in The World

1. The Guardian– The UK – founded in 1907.

UK newspapers and British trusted newspapers online.

2. The Wall Street Journal – USA – founded in 1889.

The famous United States daily newspapers online.

3. The New York Times– USA – founded in 1851.

The world-famous daily newspapers in the United States.

4. Washington Post– USA – founded in 1877.

Another world-famous daily print and online newspapers in the United States.

5. China Daily– China – founded in 1981.

This is the daily online and print newspapers in China.

6. Times of India– India – founded in 1838.

This is the world-famous daily English newspaper in India.

7. The Sydney Morning Herald– Australia – founded in 1831.

This is another daily online and print newspaper in Australia.

8. The Asahi Shimbun– Japan – founded in 1879.

Another world-famous and popular daily newspaper in Japan.

9. Dawn– Pakistan – founded in 1941.

This is the daily online and print newspapers in Pakistan.

10. Zaman – Turkey – founded in 1986.

This is the Turkey daily online and print newspapers in Turkey.