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Nigeria is one of the developing country in Africa. But there so many people are best alert for reading and searching for Nigerian Newspapers. There have so many daily Newspapers and some online based. Today I am sharing with you about the top 10 best Nigerian Newspapers. If you want to know about the best Newspapers in Nigeria then can you follow this post. Most of the people in the world maximum times search about Nigerian Newspapers. So I tried to give all of you the best of Nigerian Newspapers list. It is the accurate list of best Newspapers in Nigeria.

We know that Nigeria is a developing country but there have some famous Newspapers which read millions of Nigerian and the rest of the world’s people. If we see sometimes how many peoples searching to Google about best Nigerian Newspapers and about Nigeria News or top Nigerian Newspapers then find out millions of people find there about writing best Nigerian Newspapers which is calculated than searching about another newspaper.

On the other hand, we know that Nigeria always on the top news some of the reasons, like as there Kidnapping and their football team is very popular and they won the African Nations Cup. So overall news about that print out by Nigerian Newspapers for Naija News. Most of the people of Nigeria read sports news from various Nigerian Newspapers every day beginning in the morning. We know also that every world cup in Football Nigeria attends there. So most of the people not only Nigeria but also in the world people search for Nigerian Newspapers about Naija News forget some update news about Nigerian Football team.

Keep up-to-date on List provide Top Ten, including regular listings of the top 10 daily newspapers in a particular state or country. These listings are based on audited circulation numbers and online showcase newspapers that are making an impact.

Nigerian Newspapers Read Them Online

The Vanguard

This is the leading and daily best Newspapers in Nigeria. The Vanguard established by Vanguard media

Founded in 1975.

The Sun

It is one of the great daily Newspapers in Nigeria and most widely read. This paper published in Abuja and publishing from Sun limited.sun

Founded in 2011.

The Guardian

Most widely read and published in Abuja. This Newspaper publishing from the Guardian Newspapers limited.the guardian

Founded in 1983.

The Punch

Another most widely daily Nigerian Newspapers in Nigeria and it has the popular online version.punch

Founded in 1973.

This Day

This is another broadsheet Newspaper and published by Lagos and Abuja city.thisday

Founded in 1970.

The Nation

It has millions of readers daily and most widely read in the world. Published by the Vintage press limited.the nation

Founded in 1996.

Complete Sports

It is one of the great and most popular sports Newspaper in Nigeria.complete sports

Founded in 2007.

The New Age

One of the top Newspapers in Nigeria and publishing by daily age

Founded in 2017.

Daily Trust

Most popular and widely read by millions of people. This paper is published by daily based and has an online version.daily trust

Founded in 2001.

The Nigerian Tribune

Most popular and great English language Newspapers from Nigeria. Published in Ibadan, Nigeria.nigerian tribune

Founded in 1949.

Daily Post

Daily post published many of topic such as sports, entertainment, politics and more.daily post

Founded in 2013.

Nigerian Newspapers Online

 Sahara Reporters 

It is the International online community reporters stage and social advocates.sahara reporters

Founded in 2006.

PM News

Most widely and popular Newspaper and published by Independent Communications news

Founded in 1994.

Nigerian Observer

One of the famous and English language based Newspaper in Nigeria.nigerian observer

Founded in 1968.

Complete Sports

This is the Nigerian daily famous sports newspaper covering all of sports news.

Founded in 1984.

National Network

Another most popular and published in Port Harcourt in Nigeria. This paper published by Network printing and publishing company.national network

Founded in 2004.

Daily Times

Daily times is the daily based Newspaper and published by Folio Communications.daily times

Founded in 1925.

Osun Defender

This is the tabloid format Newspaper and published from Osogbo, Osan State of south-western.osun

Founded in 2006.

Nigerian Pilot

One of the most popular and daily based Newspaper and has an online version.pilot

Founded in 2007.

The Tide

It is the daily Newspaper and published from Port Harcourt in Nigeria.tide

Founded in 1971.

Sun News Online

This is the Nigerian daily Newspaper and published by the sun publishing limited.

Founded in 2011.

Business Day

It is the daily based business Newspaper and published by Lagos, day

Founded in 2001.

Desert Herald

One of the famous and daily based Newspaper. Published in Lagos, Nigeria.desert herald

Founded in 2001.


One of the widely read and daily based Newspaper. It has another online print

Founded in 2011.

All Nigeria Soccer

One of the parts of sports news based Newspaper where published different sports news.nigeria soccer


Fresh Angle

It called a daily based Newspaper in Nigeria.fresh angle


African Herald Express 

Widely readable and has many people who are read this Newspaper. Published in Abuja.herald express


Nigeria CommunicationsWeek – founded in 2006.

It is the communication portal and popular.


Premium Times – founded in 2011.

English language Newspaper in Nigeria. Published in Abuja, Nigeria.premium times


Eagle Online

This is the most popular online based Newspaper and most of the people in this country.eagle online


Abuja Inquirer

Obviously popular to all of in Nigerian peoples and published in daily based.the abuja inquirer


National Daily

It is the daily based paper both printed and online based.national daily



One of the portals based Newspaper and published in Abuja, Nigeria.

Royal Times of Nigeria

Most widely and so popular English language based Nigerian Newspaper.royal times

Abuja Times

Trusted news and worldwide different news published in this Newspaper and English language based.


One of the widely read English language Nigerian Newspaper.the neighbourhood online


Port Harcourt Microscope – founded in 1912.

Published in Port Harcourt in Nigeria and has more reader in daily.port harcourt


The Point – founded in 1991.

One of the popular Newspaper in Nigeria and published n daily based.the point


Latest Nigeria News and News agencies Online

YNaija – founded in 2010.

YNaija is the one of most popular internet Newspaper for the young generation of Nigeria.ynaija



Business News – founded in 1993.

Business News one of the popular business news release related site in news


Daily Post – founded in 2011.

Daily post published many of topic such as sports, entertainment, politics and more.daily post


Codewit World News

This site published daily based such as entertainment, sports, Nollywood headlines.codewit world news


Channels Television

It is one of the popular News Channel. From here provides African and Nigerian various news.channels television


Google News – Nigeria

Here we can get many of topics update about the US and many of news nigeria



The Will is one of the Nigerian news services and found it in October 2009.the will


Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria

It is the Nigerian radio broadcasting corporation and provides different update news.federal radio nigeria


Pointblank News

Here publishing the different news about news Magazines, national network, business news and more.point blank news



It is the famous and most popular Nigerian online Newspaper.the cable



Mostly here we see publishing various news of Nigeria like as political issues.the citizen


Nigerian Monitor

Latest or update any news published here random like as political issues in the world.nigerian monitor

It is one of the great online publication that provides balanced, credible and all-inclusive information.ionigeria



Most widely in Nigerian online radio center from there publishing various update news.the nigerian voice


Voice of Nigeria

Most popular international and Nigerian official international broadcasting station.voice of nigeria


Hallmark News

About the Current news, historical news, community involvement programs published here.hallmark news



One of western African food-related news site and focusing food news.amala



African Independent Television station with an online presence covering national and international various news, politics, sports, business, entertainment, lifestyle, health and more related issues.AIT



Galaxy TV

It is one of the first private television channels in Nigeria. From here publishing various update news not only Nigerian but also worldwide.galaxy tv


Freedom Radio

Most widely a free radio station in Nigeria broadcast various news continuously.freedom radio


News Agency of Nigeria

With substantial reach and mobility across the 36 states of Nigeria, the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) is publishing worldwide news continuously.nigerian news agency


Nigerian Watch

Most popular local and international Newspaper in Nigeria. Features as politics, sports, entertainment and more update news.nigerian watch

List Of National Newspapers in Nigeria


90 Minutes Goal

A1 Nigeria News

Abuja Mirror

The Abuja Inquirer

The Abuja Voice

The Accelerator News

The Advocate

African Business Information Service

African Herald Express




Amen Super News


Announcer Express


The Authority Newspaper

The Bayelsa Times

The Beam News


Blank News Online


Brainnews NG

The Breaking Times

Business Hallmark

Business Hallmark News

Business News

Businessday News


Buzz Nigeria

Buzz Reporters

Century Newsfront

Champion News

Channels Television

Codewit World News

Complete Sports

Confidence Newspaper

Connect Africa

Daily Independent

DailyMirror Nigeria

Daily Newswatch

Daily Onus

Daily Post

Daily Post Nigeria

Daily Press News

Daily Times

Daily Trust

The Dawn

Delta Voice

Desert Herald

Eagle Reporters

Edo World

The Educator

EmirateNews NG



Extra Reporters

Factual Reporters

Financial Standard News

FlashPointNews Online

The Free Nigerian

Fresh Angle


Galary Post

Gist City

Gist Desk

Gist Update

The Guardian

The Herald

Horizon Express

HotNews Ni


Igbo Watch

Imo Trumpeta

Information Nigeria

Intelligence Gathering Newspaper

International Investigative News


Kedu Naija

Kogi Daily

Kogi Graphic

Leadership Nigeria

The Liberation

Liberty Report


The Mark Newspaper

Metrowatch Online

The Moment

Naij Newspaper

The Naijabadoo

Naija Today

The Nation

National Accord

National Daily Newspaper

National Mirror Newspapers

National Network

National Point

National Watch

The Neighbourhood

New Age

New Mail

New Nigeria

New Telegraph

The New Times

The News

News Cabal

The News Chronicle

News City Nigeria

Newsday Newspaper

NewsDirect Newspaper

News Gallary

News Magazine

The Newswriter

News of Nigeria

News Reporters Int’l

News Star Newspaper

News Watch

New Telegraph

The New Times


Ng Newsgallery

Ngnewspress Blog

Niger Delta Standard

Nigeria 24 News

Nigeria CommunicationsWeek

Nigeria Horizon


Nigeria News

Nigerian NewsDirect

Nigeria News Live

Nigeria News Villa

Nigeria Plus

Nigeria Sunrise Newspapers

Nigeria Weekly News

Nigeria World

Nigerian Alert

Nigerian Beacon

The Nigerian Current

The Nigerian Inquirer

The Nigerian Insider News

NigerianNation News

Nigerian News

The Nigerian Observer

Nigerian Orient News

Nigerian Pilot

The Nigeria Standard

Nigerians Abroad

Nigeri News Desk

NTA Newstime

The Oak

Online Dailys

The Oracle Newspaper

Osun Defender

Orient Newspaper


The People’s Daily

Pen Power Reporters


The Pioneer

PM News

The Pointer

Pointer Express

The Port Harcourt Telegraph

The Premier Newspaper

Premium Times

Press Gist

Press Villa

Prima News

Primetime Reporters

Prompt News Online

The Punch

Puo Reports

The Pyramid

Quick News Africa


Royal Times of Nigeria

RTG News

Sahara Reporters

Secure Nigeria365


Sensor Newspaper

StateReporters News

Supreme News Nigeria

Sub-Saharan Informer

The Summary

The Sun

Sunday Standard

Sunday Trust


The Sun News Online

The Telegraph

Tell Naija

The Tide

The Times of Nigeria

Times Update

This Day

The Triumph Newspapers

Ucorrectt Blog

The Union

Update Naija

Urhobo Voice


VIEW Nigeria

Weekly Trust

Watchdog News

The Worldfolio

The Zambezian

Abia Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Chiblizy International Media

2. Nta Channel 6

3. Punch Nigeria Limited

4. Balmybreeze Reality

5. Nigeria Today News Online

6. Aro News Publications Limited

7. Queencave Supermarket

8. Announcer Newspapers Nigeria Limited

9. Arewa Vendors Associates

10. The Sun Publishing Limited

Abuja Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Business World Communication Limited

2. Abuja Events Net

3. Businessworld Communications Limited

4. Star Rays

5. Media Talk Africa

6. Bbc World Service

7. The Premium Times

8. National Detective Newspaper

9. Nigerian Tribune

10. Elmeson Consultancy Limited

Adamawa Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Highest Test2

2. The Sun Publishing Limited

3. Haruna Saheed Ventures

4. Pwari Magazine

5. Haruna Saheed Ventures

6. Pwari Magazine

Akwa Ibom Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Planet Radio 101 1fm

2. Wetinhappen Communication

3. Business Digest

4. Africa News Press

5. Punch Nigeria Limited

6. Medialink Communications Network

7. Reporters Watch

8. Sunrize Communications Limited

9. Ndantiobong Akpan Store

10. Century Newsfrony Newspaper

11. Newtimes Publishers

12. Citadel Post Newspaper

13. Akwa Ibom Newspaper Corporation

14. Corporate Mix Publications Limited

15. Golden Pace Limited

16. Ezedom Nigeria Limited

17. Akanimo Communications

18. The Ink Newspaper

19. People S Democrat Newspaper

20. Ette James Provision Stores

21. 9jaecho Com

22. Newstrend

23. Nigerian Education News

Anambra Newspapers in Nigeria 

1. Akwukwo Akuko Igbo Amaka

2. Greenlife International Company

3. Independent Newspapers Limited

4. The Sun Publishing Limited

5. Cathcom Press

6. Naijavlog Media

7. Vintage Publication Limited

8. Fides Communications

9. Abadom John Ac And Co

10. Baskel International

11. Punch Nigeria Limited

12. Urban News Newspapers

13. Hephzibah Writers

14. Vintage Publication Limited

15. Akelicious

16. News48hrsblog

17. Obiageli Nzekwe Successdigest

18. Chibros Investment Nigeria

Bauchi Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Hitsogz Media

2. F O R Nigeria Ventures

3. Planet Radio 101 1fm

4. Punch Nigeria Limited

5. Daily Trust

6. Daily Times Of Nigeria Plc

7. Eloquent Visuals Limited

8. Eggon News

9. Tda Multimedia

11. Oriwu Sun Newspaper

12. Success Attitude Development Centre

13. Fish Television Ftv

14. Nigerian Orientnews Magazine

15. Agenda Media

16. African Newspaper Of Nigeria Plc

17. African Newspaper Of Nigeria Plc

18. Jerrygreen Co Accounting Audit Tax

19. Technology Avenue

20. Wetinhappen Communication

21. Business Day Media Limited

22. Businessworld Communications Limited

23. Punch Nigeria Limited

24. New Telegraph Newspaper

25. Skybant Com

26. Healthcare World Nigeria Hwn Africa

27. Independent Newspapers Limited

28. The Neighbourhood Newspaper

29. Chiblizy International Media

30. The City People Media Group

31. Business World Communication Limited

32. Verbatim Communication Limited

33. Gokmar Communication Consulting

34. King S Communications Limited

35. Digitalsense Africa Media

36. Sunrisenewspaper Company Limited

37. M O Press And Publishers Limited

38. Theinfong

39. Businessday Media Limited

40. Macwrites Writing Solutions

41. Glitter Xpression

42. Ayusten Oshofisan Enterprises

43. 9jahint Entertainment

44. Charlydakson Group Of Companies

45. Abuja Events Net

46. Akwukwo Akuko Igbo Amaka

47. Value Hunters Newspaper Company

48. Punch Nigeria Limited

49. Nta Channel 10

50. Complete Communications Limited

51. National Mirror

Bayelsa Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Healthcare World Nigeria Hwn Africa

2. The Light

3. The Peoples Reflection Newspaper

4. National Investigator

5. Punch Nigeria Limited

6. Alaka Oko Success Digest

7. The Dispatch

8. The Chartered Institute Of Arbitrators Ciarb

Benue Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Media Trust Limited

2. Environmental Digest

3. Skynet

4. Shalom Dees Writers

5. Punch Nigeria Limited

6. The Oracle

7. Frontline News

8. The Hero Newspaper

9. Riverbell Newspaper

10. Liberty Agency

11. Pavillion Newspapaer

Cross River Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Punch Nigeria Limited

2. Nigerian Chronicle

3. The Torch News Paper

4. Dust Of Gold Conglomerate

5. Punch Nigeria Limited

6. The Drum

7. Ut Moneme Shop

8. Thisday

9. Greamma Communications

10. Boki Blog

Delta Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Hnews International

2. The Pointer

3. Punch Nigeria Limited

4. Asaba Post News Wire

5. Wenika News Agency

6. Daily Sun

7. Independent Newspapers Limited

Edo Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Kenny News And Information Services

2. Independent Television Channel 22

3. Uniben Times

4. Punch Nigeria Limited

5. Supremo Newz

Ekiti Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Punch Nigeria Limited

2. Punch Nigeria Limited

3. Santom Printing Press

4. Vendor

5. Ekiti Metropolix Newspaper

Enugu Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Digitech Business Information Systems

2. Sonis Nigeria

3. Amen Supernews Newspaper

4. Unique Spot Media

5. Punch Nigeria Limited

6. Obedientjohnken Nigeria Limited

7. Entertainment News

8. This Day Newspaper

9. Punch Nigeria Limited

10. Robert Harrison Consulting Limited

11. Julong Venture

12. The Sun Publishing Limited

13. C Egbuche Enterprise

14. Guardian Newspapers Limited

15. The Chartered Institute Of Arbitrators Ciarb

16. Gist On Celebrities News

Imo Newspapers in Nigeria

1. National Mirror

2. Vanguard Media Limited

3. Nnamdi Osita Okonkwo And Company

4. Assumpta Press

5. J Sandra Printing Press

6. Applause Limited

7. Hardel And Enic Nigeria Limited

8. The Moment Nigeria

9. Punch Nigeria Limited

10. The Leader Newspaper

11. Nan News Agency Of Nigeria

12. Orlu Voice Newspaper

13. Announcer Newspapers Nigeria Limited

14. Joe Oparaji And Company

15. Kamreports

16. Announcer Newspapers Nigeria Limited

17. Announcer Newspapers Nigeria Limited

18. Greater Light Vessel Services

Kaduna Newspapers in Nigeria

1. M O Press And Publishers Limited

2. Actuality And Clip Limited

3. New Nigerian Newspapers Limited

4. Lucky Printing Company

5. Raimworld Multimedia International

6. Media Trust Limited

7. Sardauna Magazines And Newspapers Services

8. Punch Nigeria Limited

9. Jaridar Gamji

10. Punch Nigeria Limited

11. Daily Trust

12. New Nigerian Newspapers Limited

13. Independent Newspapers Limited

14. Dillaliya Communication

15. Mama Vendor Nigeria Limited

16. African Newspapers Of Nigeria Limited

17. Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo

Kano Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Media Trust Limited

2. Punch Nigeria Limited

3. Punch Nigeria Limited

4. Businessday Media Limited Businessday Newspaper

5. Freedom Express

6. Aso Vendors Associates

7. The Sun Publishing Limited

8. The Sun Publishing Limited

9. Triumph Publishing Company Limited

10. Daily Trust

Kwara Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Charlydakson Group Of Companies

2. Chridamel Publishing House

3. Nigeria Vogue Journalism Center

4. Music247 Loaded

5. Alasinews

6. People Chance Newspaper

7. Super Newspaper Distibutor

8. Punch Nigeria Limited

9. Literary Services

10. Mohammed Nasir And Company

Lagos Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Hitsogz Media

2. F O R Nigeria Ventures

3. Punch Nigeria Limited

4. Daily Trust

5. Daily Times Of Nigeria Plc

6. Eloquent Visuals Limited

7. Tda Multimedia

8. Oriwu Sun Newspaper

9. Success Attitude Development Centre

10. Fish Television Ftv

11. Nigerian Orientnews Magazine

12. Jerrygreen Co Accounting Audit Tax

13. Technology Avenue

14. Businessworld Communications Limited

15. Punch Nigeria Limited

16. New Telegraph Newspaper

17. Skybant Com

18. Independent Newspapers Limited

19. The City People Media Group

20. Verbatim Communication Limited

21. Gokmar Communication Consulting

22. King S Communications Limited

23. Digitalsense Africa Media

24. Sunrisenewspaper Company Limited

25. Chukzbook Com

26. Theinfong

27. Businessday Media Limited

28. Macwrites Writing Solutions

29. Glitter Xpression

30. Ayusten Oshofisan Enterprises

31. Value Hunters Newspaper Company

32. Nta Channel 10

33. Complete Communications Limited

34. Vintage Press Limited The Nation Newspaper

35. African Newspaper Of Nigeria Plc

36. Vanguard Media Limited

37. World Changers Network

38. Kvs World

39. Jeleven Enterprises

40. Osariakhi Life Theatre Troupe

41. Naija Ace

42. Reis Lolade

43. Book Editors Publishers

44. The Difference News

45. Freak Naija Media Company

46. Maritime First Newspaper

47. Amadi Bethel S Blog

48. Saviorite Limited

49. Light House Magalog Limited

50. Energy Today Newspaper

Nasarawa Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Eggon News

2. Jxp Media Network

3. Acada Newspaper Bookshop And Gift

Ogun Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Agenda Media

2. 9jahint Entertainment

3. Punch Nigeria Limited

4. Riye Newsday

5. Jatma Jacobi S Diary

6. God S Glory Stores

7. Dereal Goodnews

8. The African Literary Nexus

9. M A Arowora News Stand

10. Olasing Production Nigeria Limited

11. Amuludun Newspaper

12. M A Arowora Enterprises

13. Punch Nigeria Limited

14. Punch Nigeria Limited

15. The Punch Advert

16. Rendeuvor Journalist

17. Punch Nigeria Limited

18. Nigerian Compass

19. Redemption Light Publication

20. M A Modupe Ventures

21. The Nigerian Compass

22. May Head Premium Limited

23. M A Arowora Enterprises

24. Ekemu Concord Distributor Newspaper

25. Capstone Sports Vendor

26. News Direct Global Concept Limited

27. Sb Atoyebi Newspaper Agency

28. Patrioni Limited

29. E Torch Africa

30. Mediahelm News

31. 36ng

32. Modupe Ventures

33. In The Christendom

Ondo Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Funlad Fashion

2. Solton International Hotel And Resorts

3. Mustardseeds Newspaper Agency

4. The Reapwatch Newspaper And Magazine

5. Kuyab Graphics And Printers

6. Yomex Book

7. Punch Nigeria Limited

8. Punch Nigeria Limited

9. Community Link Communication

10. Punch Nigeria Limited

11. Fanusi Oluwafemi Success Digest

12. Kayode Olatoye News Agency

13. New Star Arrival Nigeria Limited

Osun Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Creative Writer Niche

2. Igbomina Today

3. Hammid Vendor

4. Punch Nigeria Limited

5. Osun Defender

6. Nigerian Platform Newspaper

7. Punch Nigeria Limited

8. Eye Lands

9. Eazy Venture

10. Ambassador Leather Company And Cobbler

11. Punch Nigeria Limited

12. Kazeem Agency

Oyo Newspapers in Nigeria

1. African Newspaper Of Nigeria Plc

2. African Newspaper Of Nigeria Plc

3. Kay Naija Blog

4. Gurusbt T K

5. Sina Group Of Company

6. Xpression Art

7. Tribune Features Ventures

8. Writing Skill Network

9. Anthony Igho Editing

10. Paulove Communications

11. Bj Stardom Entertainment World

12. Punch Nigeria Limited

13. African Newspaper Of Nigeria Plc

14. Nigerian Tribune

15. Metro Concept Communications Limited

16. Bekky Blog Incorporated

17. Forefront Media Concept

18. Bcos News

19. Campus Newz

20. Sran Communication Limited

21. The Wit Publisher

22. Oloye Communication

23. National Spokesman Communications

24. Kaja Newspaper Distributor

25. Tribune Newspaper Office Owode

26. Moses Mogaji Newapaper Stand

27. M And M Cocoa

28. Mama Hakaamart Stationery

29. Www Fisagaf Blogspot Com

30. Wigatap Telephone Nigeria Enterprises

31. Google9ja

Plateau Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Infinity Magazine

2. De Achievers News

3. Gradarl Concept Ventures

4. Punch Nigeria Limited

5. Best Nigeria Entertainment

6. The Nation Newspaper

7. Adeshola Ishola Success Digest

8. The Sun Publishing Limited

Yobe Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Hitsogz Media

2. F O R Nigeria Ventures

3. Planet Radio 101 1fm

4. Punch Nigeria Limited

5. Daily Trust

6. Daily Times Of Nigeria Plc

7. Eloquent Visuals Limited

8. Eggon News

9. Tda Multimedia

10. Oriwu Sun Newspaper

11. Success Attitude Development Centre

12. Fish Television Ftv

13. Nigerian Orientnews Magazine

14. Agenda Media

15. African Newspaper Of Nigeria Plc

16. African Newspaper Of Nigeria Plc

17. Jerrygreen Co Accounting Audit Tax

18. Technology Avenue

19. Wetinhappen Communication

20. Business Day Media Limited

21. Businessworld Communications Limited

22. Punch Nigeria Limited

23. New Telegraph Newspaper

24. Skybant Com

25. Healthcare World Nigeria Hwn Africa

26. Independent Newspapers Limited

27. The Neighbourhood Newspaper

28. Chiblizy International Media

29. The City People Media Group

30. Business World Communication Limited

31. Verbatim Communication Limited

32. Gokmar Communication Consulting

33. King S Communications Limited

34. Digitalsense Africa Media

35. Sunrisenewspaper Company Limited

36. M O Press And Publishers Limited

37. Chukzbook Com

38. Theinfong

39. Businessday Media Limited

40. Macwrites Writing Solutions

41. Glitter Xpression

42. Ayusten Oshofisan Enterprises

43. 9jahint Entertainment

44. Charlydakson Group Of Companies

45. Abuja Events Net

46. Akwukwo Akuko Igbo Amaka

47. Value Hunters Newspaper Company

48. Punch Nigeria Limited

49. Nta Channel 10

50. Complete Communications Limited

Zamfara Newspapers in Nigeria

1. Hitsogz Media

2. F O R Nigeria Ventures

3. Planet Radio 101 1fm

4. Punch Nigeria Limited

5. Daily Trust

6. Daily Times Of Nigeria Plc

7. Eloquent Visuals Limited

8. Eggon News

9. Tda Multimedia

10. Oriwu Sun Newspaper

11. Success Attitude Development Centre

12. Fish Television Ftv

13. Nigerian Orientnews Magazine

14. Agenda Media

15. African Newspaper Of Nigeria Plc

16. African Newspaper Of Nigeria Plc

17. Jerrygreen Co Accounting Audit Tax

18. Technology Avenue

19. Wetinhappen Communication

20. Business Day Media Limited

             Most Popular TV Channels List in Nigeria

                                              Sports Channel List

Star Sports

Fox Sports

Euro Sports News

Euro Sports 2

Kwese Free Sports

Kwese ESPN

MS Extreme

Bein Sports MAX 4HD

Bein Sports 3HD

Bein Sports Global

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                                      News Channels List in Nigeria

BBC America



BBC Radio 2

TVC News

United States of America Embassy

Sky News



Core TV News

France 24


Channels TV

Bloomberg TV


Fox News

TRT World

Press TV


Arise News

TV360 Nigeria

                                            Kiddies Channels in Nigeria


CN Cartoon Network

Disney Channel



Baby TV

Panda Biggs

                                            Movies Channels in Nigeria

Star Movies

MBC action


African Movie channel series

Liberty Tv

MBC Bollywood

Wazobia TV

Wap Tv

Viasat TV

Fine Living


Fox Life

Investigation Discovery


Mbox HD


Star Gold TV

Nollywood TV

Z Cinema

E Entertainment

Ben Bridging The Gap


TS Novella

TS Movies HD

TS Series

                                          Religion Channels in Nigeria

Dove Television

Emmanuel TV

Sunna Tv

Mountain of Fire And Miracle Ministeries


TBN Network

                                           Music Channels in Nigeria

Trace Urban/Africa


MTV Base



                                               Other Channels in Nigeria

Discovery Channel

Nat Geo Gold


National Geography Channel

Discovery Health TV

Fashion One


                                             African Channels in Nigeria

Riwa Ndu TV

TS Hausa

TS Igbo

TS Yoruba

                Most Popular Radio Channels in Nigeria

                                     Radio Channels in Lagos, Nigeria

88.9 – Brilla FM – Sports Broadcast only

89.7 – Eko FM, Ikeja

90.9 – Top Radio FM

91.3 – Lagos Talks FM

92.3 – Inspiration FM –

92.9 – Bond FM

93.7 – Rhythm FM

95.1 – Wazobia FM

95.7 – LASU Radio (Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos)

96.1 – Lagos Traffic radio

96.5 – Urban96 FM, Lagos

96.9 – Cool FM

97.3 – Classic FM

97.7 – Metro FM – FRCN

98.1 – SMOOTH FM, Lagos

98.5 – Soundcity FM, Lagos

98.9 – Kiss FM, Lagos

99.3 – Nigeria Info

99.9 – The Beat FM, Ikoyi Lagos

100.5 – RayPower FM, Alagbado

101.5 – Star FM, Ikeja

102.3 – Radio Continental, Ikosi Ketu, Lagos

102.7 – Naija FM

103.1 – Unilag FM (University of Lagos)

103.5 – Choice FM now Radio One – FRCN

104.1 – Kennis FM, Lagos

104.9 – SMA FM, Lagos

105.1 – CityFM, Oregun, Lagos

105.9 – NOUN FM (National Open University of Nigeria) Victoria Island

106.5 – Faaji FM (Also of Raypower FM)

107.5 – Radio Lagos, Ikeja (Also of Eko FM)

                                    Radio Channels in Kano, Nigeria

549 MW – Manoma Radio AM, Kano.

729 MW – Radio Kano I AM.

88.5 – Dala FM, Kano.

89.3 – Radio Kano II FM.

90.3 – Express Radio FM, Lamido Crescent, Kano.

93.1 – Arewa Radio FM, Farm Centre, Kano.

95.1 – Wazobia FM, Farm Centre, Kano.

96.9 – Cool FM, Farm Centre, Kano.

97.3 – Rahama FM, Kano.

99.5 – Freedom Radio FM, Kano.

101.1 – ARTV FM, Maiduguri Road, Kano.

103.5 – FRCN Pyramid FM, Madobi, Kano.

106.5 – Ray Power FM, Kano

                                    Radio Channels in Kaduna, Nigeria

88.9 – Brila FM

89.9 – Kada 2 FM Kaduna

90.9 – Capital Sounds FM, Kaduna

91.7 – Liberty Radio(English) Kaduna

103.1 – Liberty Radio(Hausa) Kaduna

92.1 – Karama FM, Kaduna (FRCN)

92.9 – Freedom Radio FM, Kaduna

96.1 – Supreme FM, Kaduna (FRCN)

97.7 – Alheri Radio FM, Kaduna

97.7 – Alheri Radio FM, Zaria

98.5 – KASU FM (Kaduna State University Radio)

102.5 – Teachers Radio (Nigeria Institute of Teachers NTI)

106.5 – Ray Power FM Kaduna

639 MW – Kada 1

747 MW – Nagarta Radio

594 – FRCN (Hausa), Kaduna

1107 – FRCN (English), Kaduna

                                Radio Channels in Anambra, Nigeria

88.5 – Anambra Broadcasting Service, Awka

88.9 – Brilla FM, Onitsha – Sports

89.4- Minaj FM Obosi

90.7 – Anambra Broadcasting Service, Onitsha

91.5 – Blaze FM, Oraifite

93.3 – Madonna Radio (Madonna University) FM, Okija

94.1 – Unizik (Nnamdi Azikiwe University) FM, Awka

95.3 – Radio Sapientia FM, Onitsha

95.7 – Rhythm FM, Awka

99.1 – Odenigbo FM, Obosi

102.5 – Purity FM, Awka(FRCN)

103.5 – Gist FM, Ogidi

106.5- Alpha FM Nnobi

90.1- Lumen FM,Uga

107.1 – Tansian Radio (Tansian University) FM, Umunya

                                      Radio Channels in Abuja, Nigeria

88.9 – Brilla FM, Abuja – Sports

92.1 – Vision FM, Abuja

92.9 – Kapital FM (FRCN), Abuja

93.5 – ASO Radio, Abuja

94.7 – Rhythm FM, Abuja

95.1 – Nigeria info Abuja

96.1 – Urban Radio, Abuja

96.9 – Cool FM, Abuja

98.3 – Hot FM, Abuja

87.9 – Best Afro FM, Abuja

99.5 – Wazobia FM, Abuja

99.9 – Kiss FM, Abuja

100.5 – Ray power FM, Abuja

104.5 – Love FM, Abuja

106.3 – WE FM

107.7 – Armed Forces Radio, Mogadishu Cantonment, Asokoro,Abuja.

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