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Bangladesh News (BD News): Collection (list) of all online Bangla Newspaper and BD News Agency. Find 24/7 latest Bangla News from popular BD Newspaper 24 News, Bangla News 24, BD News 24, Bengali News and rest of all continuously updated Bangla News Sites.

[Bangladesh Newspapers, Bangladeshi Newspapers, BD Newspaper, BD News, Online Bangla Newspaper]. At first, I want to tell here that Bangladesh has near about 18 crore peoples and Bangla News is best for them. The majority are not well literate but who are literate they want to get BD News from All Bangla Newspaper. Here who is the use of the internet they can get different Bangla News from various Bangladesh Newspapers and the internet? I am sharing the top and best Bangladeshi Newspapers and All Bangla Newspaper which publishing every day and some has an Online Bangla Newspaper version which called BD Newspaper. The major people here like some Newspapers and BD News, not at all. So which Bangladesh Newspapers I am sharing here undoubtedly you can trust from your heart, cause these BD Newspapers to have so much popularity in this country which publishing all latest BD News and all Bangla News.

Bangla Newspaper | List Of All Online Bangladeshi Newspaper

This article is a list of all newspapers published in Bangladesh. Bangla news sites, bd news agencies, and most popular Bangla radio channels are also included in the list.

Bangladesh Newspapers

List Of All Bangla Newspapers

ProthomAloThis is one of the most widely read Newspapers which published in Bangladesh as a daily basis. It has an online version was engaged daily millions of people. Prothom Alo is the highest circulated Newspaper in Bangladesh.

Founded in 1998.

Ittefaq  It is one of the best Newspaper in Bangladesh which published a daily basis and it has an online version.

Founded in 1953.

Kaler Kantho  – Kaler Kantho is another widely read Newspaper in Bangladesh.

Founded in 2010.

Jugantor – The best Newspaper in Bangladesh Jugantor is one of the parts which published from Dhaka.

Founded in 2000.

Bangladesh Pratidin  – Nowadays, Bangladesh Pratidin is one of the highest circulated Newspaper in Bangladesh.

Founded in 2010.

ManabZamin  – This is tabloid format Newspaper in Bangladesh which published on the daily basis.

Founded in 1997.

Shamokal  – It is the daily Newspaper in Bangladesh and published from Dhaka.

Founded in 2005.

Amader Shomoy  – Amader Shomoy is one of the popular daily Newspaper in Bangladesh.

Founded in 2003.

Janakantha  – It is one of the Bangla language Newspaper and published from Dhaka.

Founded in 1993.

Inqilab  – Leading Bangla language Newspaper in Bangladesh.

Founded in 1998.

Bhorer Kagoj  – Best daily Newspapers in Bangladesh which published from Capital Dhaka

Founded in 1992.

Sangbad  – Most widely read daily Newspaper.

Founded in 1951.

Dinkal  – Most popular Newspaper and published from Dhaka.

Founded in 1986.

Noya Diganta  – One of the highest daily newspaper which published from Dhaka.

Founded in 2004.

Jai Jai Din  – One of leading Newspaper published in Dhaka.

Founded in 2010.

Sangram  – It is a leading Newspaper which published from Dhaka by daily basis.

Founded in 2003.

Manobkantha  – This is another highest circulated Newspaper in Bangladesh.

Founded in 2012.

Shokaler Khabor  – Featuring sports, health, culture, religion, and many more. 

Founded in 2010.

Alokito Bangladesh  – New Newspaper in Bangladesh published in Dhaka.

Founded in 2013.

Ajkaler Khobor  – Daily Newspaper and read huge people in this country.

Founded in 2013.

Ajker Patrika  – One of daily Newspaper published from Dhaka.

Founded in 2014.

Protidiner Sangbad  – It is another best Newspaper and published in Dhaka.

Founded in 2014.

Jago Bangla  – Leading and daily basis Newspaper.

Founded in 2013.

Natun Sangbad  – Featuring sports, politics, culture and more news.

Founded in 2017.

Popular Online Bangla Newspaper Not Printed – Most popular Online Bangla Newspaper or bd Newspaper.

Founded in 2005. – Daily visited near about three lacs people. More popular Online Bangla Newspaper.

Founded in 2010. – Within All Bangla Newspaper, it is very popular.

Founded in 2012. – Another bd Newspaper Online based.

Founded in 2014. – Moderated by Dhaka and Bangladesh Newspaper Online.

Founded in 2012. – 24 hours this Bangla Newspaper giving update Bangla News.

Founded in 1998. – Local and International bd news covering from here.

Founded in 2008. One of the best bd newspaper Online. – For entertainment and technology Online Bangla Newspaper.

Founded in 2011. BD News about police activities in Bangladesh. – Updated Online Bangladesh Newspaper.

BD Morning – Moderated by Dhaka and coveringBangla News.

Founded in 2015.

BD – Various Bangla News or BD News through from this paper. – It is another trusted Online Bangla Newspaper in Bangladesh.

List Of All English Newspapers in Bangladesh

Daily Star  – Most widely and it has millions of reader not only Bangladesh but also overall in the world.

Founded in 1991.

Independent  – Most popular daily based English Newspaper in Bangladesh.

Founded in 2007.

Click Ittefaq  – It is the daily based English Newspaper in this country.

Founded in 1952.

Observer – Features of different news like sports, politics, entertainment and more.

Founded in 1949.

New Age – One of the best and popular English Newspaper in Bangladesh and published in Dhaka.

Financial Express  – Features of business, economic news and more. Published in Dhaka.

Founded in 1993.

News Today  – One of another popular newspaper in Bangladesh.

Founded in 2003.

Dhaka Tribune  – Newest but much popular Newspaper published in Dhaka.

Founded in 2013.

Daily Sun  – Daily sun one of the most popular site for getting various news.

Founded in 2010.

New Nation  – Millions of the people read daily by printed paper and online version.

Bangladesh News (online) – Online based English Newspaper printed every day over one lakh copy.

News From Bangladesh  – It is the famous and daily Newspaper.

Good Morning  – Trusted English Newspaper which read thousands of people daily.

Energy Bangla  – Daily based Newspaper.

Holiday  – High circulated Newspaper read over crore people every month.

Prothom Alo English  – It is the English version of Prothom Alo.

Bangladesh Today  – It features various news such as politics, sports, world news and more.

Founded in 2002.

Asian Age  – Published in Dhaka city.

vnewsbd (online)  – Best daily English Newspaper in Bangladesh.

List Of All Online Newspapers in Bangladesh

BD Morning  – Daily online Newspaper in Bangladesh.  – Daily online Newspaper.

Uttaradhikar 71 News  – Daily online Newspaper in Bangladesh.  – One of the online site.

PrimeNewsbd  – Best daily online Newspaper.  – Online Based Newspaper.

Hawker (Dhaka)  – Printed and online based Newspaper in Bangladesh.  – Online based best Newspaper.

Dainik Shiksha  – Daily Newspaper in Bangladesh.  – Published on law news in Bangladesh.

Natun Somoy  – Daily basis and published online and print.  – Online based Newspaper.

One News BD (Jessore)  – Online based Newspaper.

Amader Protidin  – Online based Newspaper.

Aporadh Shongbad  – Daily Newspaper.  – Online based Newspaper.  – Online based Newspaper in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Business News  – Business related online Newspaper.  – One of the most popular online Newspaper in Bangladesh.

Barta Bangla  – Online based Newspaper.

BD24live  – Online based Newspaper.

Bd Press  – Popular Newspaper.

BD Report 24  – Online based best Newspaper.

BD Today News  – Best Online based Newspaper.

Bangla Press  – Most popular online Newspaper.

News Bisher Bashi  – Online based Newspaper.

Fulki  – Daily online based Newspaper.

BD Today 24  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

ArthoSuchak  – Online based Newspaper.  – Online based Newspaper in Bangladesh.  – Online based Newspaper.  – Daily and online basis circulated Newspaper.  – Online based Newspaper.  – Online based Newspaper.  – Online based Newspaper.

Bajroshakti  – Online based Newspaper.

Dhaka News Express  – Best online Newspaper.

Dhaka Today  – Daily based and online Newspaper.

Live Press24  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

Notun Khobor  – Popular Online based Newspaper.  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

Current News  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

Children Voice  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

Manchitro News  – Daily basis online Newspaper.

Ei Bela  – Most Popular Online Newspaper.  – Online Newspaper in Bangladesh.  – Best Online Newspaper.  – Best online Newspaper.

United News 24  – It is the popular another online Newspaper.

71 Times  – Most popular Newspaper in online.

BD Times365  – Popular Online based Newspaper.  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

Share Bazar News  – Here published about the stock exchange related news.  – Here published on the education-based news.

Amrita Bazar  – Popular Online based Newspaper.  – Popular Online based Newspaper.  – Popular Online based Newspaper.  – Related to Share market news published here.

Adibashi Barta  – About Adibashi news published in this paper.

Bangla Sangbad  – Popular Online based Newspaper.  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

Rangpur Crime News  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

Sheersha Media  – Daily online based Newspaper in Bangladesh.  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

Boishakhi News  – Most oopular Online Newspaper.

Bangla Insider  – Most popular online Newspaper in Bangladesh.

NBS (Bangla)  – Popular Online based Newspaper.  – Best of the online news site.  – One of the best Newspaper.

Bangladesher Patro  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

StockBangladesh  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

sharetimes24  – Newspaper in Bangladesh online.

Bangla Initiator  – One kind of online news site.

Janatar News  – Daily Newspaper and online version.

Dainik Jalalabad  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

SNN24  – One another Popular Online based Newspaper.

ICT News  – Popular Online based Newspaper.

Kushtia News  – Most Popular Online based Newspaper.

Chittagong Newspapers

Chittagong is one of the second biggest cities in Bangladesh. There are many people live in this city. More than one crore people live in Chittagong. On the other hand, about ten district is the neighbors of Chittagong. Therefore, there have many of Newspapers which published daily and weekly for reading people regularly. Some list of Newspapers in Chittagong I provide here for many people who are searching list of Chittagong Newspapers.

CTG Times  – Most popular Newspaper in Chittagong.

News Chittagong24  – Daily Newspaper and published from this city.  – It is the printed and online version for various news.

Chittagong Daily  – Best of the daily newspaper and here engaged many people.

Khabarica  – Most popular news site.  – Daily published for local people.

Purbodesh  – Local Newspaper in Chittagong for trusted news.

Coxs-Bazar News (CBN)  – For Coxs-Bazar’s people published this newspaper.  – Another daily Newspaper in Coxs-Bazar.

Cox’s Bazar Times  – Best the online paper which published from Coxs-Bazar.  – Parbattan people get their update news from this site.  – It is the one of thana in Coxs-Bazar and this Newspaper published from there.

Chakaria News  – Local Newspaper for getting local news.

RaozanNews  – Another local Newspaper for local news.

Chatga Portal  – Weekly news prove from this site.

Sylhet Newspapers

Daily Sylhet  – Most popular Newspaper in Sylhet.

Amader Sylhet  – Daily Newspaper and published from this city.

Surma Times  – Popular daily Newspaper in Sylhet.

Sylhet Express  – Online and daily printed Newspaper.

Sylhet News World  – Most widely paper for best news.

Sylhet News 24  – All update news published here.

Sylheter Songbad  – Daily Newspaper in Sylhet city.

Sylheter Sokal  – Published by Sylhet city for there people.

Sylhet Report  – Most uses Newspaper in Sylhet.

Sylhet News-Times  – The Most circulated paper which provides Sylhet and Neighbor district.

Sabuj Sylhet  – Local Newspaper and published news for local people.  – Online and printed version Newspaper.

Provatbela  – Daily based Newspaper in Sylhet.

Uttorpurbo  – Published in Sylhet and all-district in Sylhet provides this Newspaper.

Kazirbazar  – Local area Newspaper.

Protidiner Bani (Hobigonj)  – Hobigonj people’s Newspaper.

Sunamganj Mirror  – For Sunamgonj people’s news site.

Habiganj Samachar  – Hobigonj people read daily this Newspaper.

Sheersha Khobor  – Local portal Newspaper in Sylhet.

Dainik Moulvibazar  – Daily based Newspaper in Moulavibazar.

Khulna Newspapers

Andoloner Bazar  – Daily based Newspaper in Khulna city.

Meherpur News  – It is the Newspaper of Meherpur district.

Magura News  – For Magura district’s people Newspaper.

Bagerhat News  – For local people’s newspaper published from Bagerhat district.

Kushtia News 24  – Most popular Newspaper in Kushtia district.

Rajshahi Newspapers

Daily Sunshine (Rajshahi)  – The daily based Newspaper in Rajshahi city.

Bogra Sangbad  – This popular paper print and publish in the big city of Bogra.

Sangbad Konika (Bogra)  – Local Newspaper for the local area.

Chapainawabganj News  – It is the local Newspaper and published in Chapainabganj.

Barisal Newspapers

Amader Barisal  – The daily based Newspaper in Barisal city.

Daily Barisal  – This popular paper print and publish in the big city of Barisal.

Barisal Today  – Local Newspaper for the local area.

Ajker Barta  –  It is the local Newspaper and published in Barisal.  – Most popular Newspaper in Gournadi.

Barisaltimes24 – Most popular Newspaper in Barisal Division.

Dinajpur News  – For local people’s newspaper published from Dinajpur district.

Dinajpur 24  – It is the Newspaper of Dinajpur district.

Dhaka Newspapers

Bangladesh Shomoy  – Most widely and popular daily Newspaper in Dhaka.

Deshkal  – Another popular Newspaper in Dhaka city.

Janata – Published by Dhaka and provides different district in Dhaka division.

Bonik Barta (Dhaka)  – Many people in Dhaka division read regularly.

Gazipur Darpon  – Published by Gazipur District and read there are people.  – Daily based Newspaper in Gazipur.

News Narayanganj 24  – It is the most popular Newspaper in Narayongonj District.  – Popular daily based news site in Narayongonj.

Juger Chinta  – Features different news in this paper.

Munshiganj Times  – Popular Newspaper in Munshigonj District.

Comilla Newspapers

Comillar Khabor  – Local area Newspaper in Comilla.

Comillar Barta  – Daily Newspaper in Comilla.

Comillarkagoj – It is online and printed Newspaper in Comilla.

Amader Brahmanbaria  – Local Newspaper in B. Baria district.  – Daily based Newspaper.

Chandpur News  – For the Chadpur people’s Newspapers.

Chandpur Kantho  – Important News published in this paper.  – Most of the people in Lakshmipur read this Newspaper.

Mymensingh Newspapers

Shasota Bangla  – It is the Newspaper of Mymensingh people.

Loklokantor  – Most of the people in Mymensingh and near district people read this Newspaper.

Mymensingh Pratidin  – Daily based and popular Newspaper in Mymensingh.

Swadesh Sangbad  – Local area Newspaper in Mymensingh. (Bhaluka)  – It is the local area news site for local people.

Shemol Bangla (Sherpur)  – Sherpur people’s Newspaper for news of this district.  – Local news of Sherpur district published in this paper.

Sherpur  – It is the online based Newspaper in Sherpur.

Tangail Barta  – Many readers read this paper for getting news.

Narayanganj Newspapers

  1. News Narayanganj – Most popular newspaper in Narayangonj.

  2. Live Narayanganj – 24 hours published from this paper.

  3. ডান্ডিবার্তা নিউজ   – Local Newspapers in the local city iofNarayangonj.

  4. TIMES NARAYANGANJ 24  – Daily Newspapers.

  5. নিউজ নারায়ণগঞ্জ  – Published from this city.

  6. ডেইলি নারায়ণগঞ্জ টুয়েন্টিফোর   – Popular daily news in Narayangonj.

  7. নারায়ণগঞ্জ জেলা   – All district news published here.

Jessore Newspapers

1. Gramerkagoj  – Local any news published here.

       2. যশোর নিউজ ২৪  – Daily Newspaper in Jessore.

       3. Daily Spandan  – Another daily news media in Jessore.

Faridpur Newspapers

Faridpur Times  – Faridpur’s local news publisher.

Faridpur District  – All district news in Faridpur covering from here.

Rajbari News  – Rajbari district news covering.

Shariatpur News  – Shariatpur district news covering.  – Online Newspaper and popular.

Faridpur Jobcenter   – Any job news published here.

Noakhali Newspapers

Noakhali News  – All news covered from here.

Noakhali Pratidin  – Daily and popular Newspaper in Noakhali.

Dainik Chaloman Noakhali  – Most popular in local area.  – All district news covering.

Noakhalisamity  – A Organisation of Noakhali district.

Noakhali Potropotrika – Most of the reader in Noakhali read it.

Bosurhat News  – Bosurhat news publishing in this paper.

Rangpur Newspapers

Dinajpur News  – All of Dinajpur news covering this Newspaper.

Dinajpur 24  – Daily and weekly news published in this paper.

Rangpur Chitra  – In Rangpur City, all news published here.

Chilahati web  – All Chilahat news covering this Newspaper.

Kurigram News  – Most popular Newspaper in Kurigram.

Uttar Bangla  – All north Bengal news published in this Newspaper.

Rangpur Division BD  – All Rangpur division news welly published here.

Crime Newspapers in Bangladesh

1. Crimenewsbd

Mainly Bangladeshi different crime news published here.

2. Business24bd

Particularly such as various news and crime news in Bangladesh published here.


One of the greatest newspaper in Bangladesh for crime news.

4. Dhakacrimenews24

Basically here regularly published crime news mainly in Bangladesh.


Most popular Youtube channel for crime news in Bangladesh.

6. Dailysun

English Newspaper and also published crime news.

7. Business anti corruption

This is another Newspaper where published anti-corruption report.


Bangladesh police website where published update crime news in this country.

Sports Portal in Bangladesh


Daily based sports portal in Bangladesh


Overall sports news covered from Bangladesh.


All sports news in Bangladesh daily covered from this paper.


Mainly others news and sports news in Bangladesh published here.


Mainly sports newspaper in Bangladesh and others news published here.


Overall sports update in this country published by Wikipedia.


It is the famous sports newspaper in Bangladesh.

8. Thedailystar

Various news with sports news in overall in the world published here.

International Newspapers

1. Hindustan Times

One of the very popular and widely Newspaper in India.

2. New York Times

Super popular and near about 50 crore reader touching this Newspaper every month and published from New York USA.

3. The Financial Express

Actual business news published from this Newspaper.

4. News Today

Another very popular Newspaper in America.

5. The Bangladesh Today

Most visited Bangladeshi English Newspaper and published from Dhaka.

6. Daily Sun

Millions of people read this Newspaper every day for breaking news in English.

7. Yahoo News

Most news of technology and other published in Yahoo News platform.

8. New Age

Bangladeshi English Newspaper which published from Dhaka.

9. The Independent

UK and Bangladesh have this Newspaper but it is different and most popular.

10. The Moscow Times

This is the Russian very popular daily Newspaper which has huge reader daily.

11. The Daily Star

Bangladeshi number one English Newspaper and another English Newspaper in the United Kingdom.


American most popular live Newspaper where you can see live news in America.

13. The Guardian

UK English Newspaper and greatest not only the UK but also overall in the world.

14. Google News

Updated Google news anyone can get here for knowing different update from Google.

15. AFP News

Famous French News Organization which covering overall news in the whole world.

Indian Bangla Newspapers

1. Anandabazar Patrika

Kolkata Bangla Newspaper and has millions of reader every day in print and Online version.

2. Daily Aajkal

Published from Kolkata and popular Newspaper for accurate news.

3. Daily Desherkatha

Another Bangla Newspaper in Kolkata India.

4. Syandan Patrika

Most of the people daily read this paper and it is a Bangla Newspaper.

5. Dainik Agradoot

One of the daily Bangla Newspaper and published from West Bengal in India.

6. Sangbad Pratidin

Daily another Bangla Newspaper and published in Bangla News from West Bengal in India.

7. Bartaman Patrika

Famous and huge visited and old Bangla Newspaper published in Bangla News.

8. Ganashakti

Online and printed version popular Bangla Newspaper in Kolkata.

9. Asomiya Pratidin

Published by Assam State in India and it is the most popular Bangla News potrika.

10. Prayag Dainik

Published from Kolkata and daily Bangla Newspaper read millions of people every month.

World Most Important Websites


Giant Search Engine in the world situated in the USA.


Number one social media in the world situated in the USA.


Popular image sharing social sites in the world situated in the USA.


Second largest Search Engine in the world situated in the USA.


Number one E-Commerce sites in the world situated in the USA.


Free Blogging platform which owner of Google and use this huge blogger in the world.


Dollar transferring card which called Master card from the USA.


Second largest E-Commerce site in the world from China.


One of the largest site in the world which use huge people.


Chinese Search Engine which uses millions of Chinese people and the rest of world people.


Alexa is the so popular website’s Ranking selected website that using crore people.


Freelancer searching company which situated in the USA.


Second largest social media in the world which situated in the USA.

14. Yahoo

Third largest Search Engine in the world arena situated in the USA.

15. You Tube

Only one of largest surprised video sharing sites in the world situated in the USA.

Human Rights News Portal in Bangladesh


About human rights published on this popular site.


It is the trusted human rights site in Pakistan and also works in Bangladesh.


This is the world famous human rights site which founded in England and works in Bangladesh.


One of the best and trusted sites in Bangladesh.


One of the best and truthful human rights site in Bangladesh.


This is another popular human rights site in Bangladesh.


It is the news site which published human rights news.


One of the trusted human rights site in Bangladesh.


Most human rights news in the world published in here.


This is the famous USA human rights site and agency which also work in Bangladesh.

Travel News Portal in Bangladesh


All of the travel news in Bangladesh published in this paper.


One of the best and trusted travel agency in Bangladesh.


One of another trusted tour package site in Bangladesh.


One of the best tour package website in Bangladesh.


This is the Bangladeshi government airlines website.


Here is booking any hotel in Bangladesh for tourist.


Best and trusted ticket website in Bangladesh.


Trusted and most popular tour package website in Bangladesh.


Any tourist can communicate here for their tour package in Bangladesh.


Most popular tourist website in Bangladesh.


One of the popular visiting website in Bangladesh.


One of the best tour package website in Bangladesh.


Famous and popular traveling website in Bangladesh.


Trusted and popular tour package website in Bangladesh.


Any traveling place’s ticket is booking in here.


One of the best and most popular tour website in Bangladesh.


It’s called a famous and popular travel website in Bangladesh.


Any hotel in Bangladesh can you booked from here.


Most popular and famous tourist guiding website in Bangladesh.


This is the world famous traveling website in India and also work in Bangladesh.


One of the best and trusted touring website in Bangladesh.


One of the bd best touring website in Dhaka.


One of the best and trusted traveling website in BD.


This is the part of Wikipedia in Bangladesh which works about traveling.


One of the world famous social network which works about also traveling.


The famous newspaper in Bangladesh but also news published about in traveling.


Any bus ticket in Bangladesh can you get in here.


Most popular and traveling website in Bangladesh.


This is another best and truthful travel website in BD.


This is the famous and most popular travel website which situated in Dhaka.

Tech News Portal in Bangladesh

1. Techtunes

One of the popular and helpful tech portal site in Bangladesh.

2. Tunerpage

One of the another best and truthful tech portal in Bangladesh.

3. Anytechtune

Another popular and important tech website in Bangladesh.

4. Genesisblogs

This is the best Bangla technology website in Bangladesh.

5. rrfoundation

One of the teaching and tech web portal in Bangladesh.

6. Techtweets

This is another most popular technology website in Bangladesh.

7. Pchelplinebd

The most popular online learning tech website for getting any help.

8. Moumachibd

9. Banglablogs

This is most popular which give tech service in bd.

10. Comjagot

11. Priyotech

12. Androidkhothon

13. Comillait

This is the important technology site which published in Commila.

14. itechbangla

Most of the people in Bangladesh read always this tech website.

15. Biggani

Any technology post published in here for helping other people.

16. Pchelpcenterbd

One of the great and most popular technology website to help people.

17. Techgolpo

Tech news portal in Bangladesh read people who are love technology.

Business News Portal in Bangladesh


All of BD trade news published in here daily.


All of the Bangladeshi business news published in daily in here.



One of the Bangladeshi government business news portal published in Dhaka.


One of the top-rated newspaper and published here various business news every day.


One of the best and trusted business news portal in Bangladesh.


This is the government business news portal which read many people daily.


This is the best and business related news portal in Bangladesh.


Any business news in Gazipur published in here daily.


All of the trade info in Dhaka and Bangladesh published here.


Any world bank news about business published from this paper.


It is the daily newspaper but also published business-related news daily.


This is the worldwide website and recorded Bangladeshi business-related news.


Most people in Bangladesh who are business related they read continue this paper.


Most of the business news in Bangladesh published in here.


Bangladeshi share bazar news and any business news published here.


This is the Bangladeshi government website related to education.


Fully Bangladeshi stock market news published daily in here.


Most of BD Custom related news published daily in this paper.


This is the famous and best real state related news portal in Bangladesh.


Any tender news in Bangladesh regular published in this paper.



This is the government website in Bangladesh published education news.


This is the Visa related news portal in Bangladesh and very important.


International and local business news published in this paper.

Gossip News Portal in Bangladesh


Most popular Bangladeshi about fitness website published various tips.


About all of the celebrity in Bangladesh and their activity published here.


Most popular entertainment newspaper in Bangladesh and published general news also.


All kind of celebrity news published here.


Most popular English language newspaper and published entertainment news also.


International entertainment blog and also published Bangladeshi entertainment news.


International entertainment website and also published Bangladeshi entertainment news.


International entertainment blog site and also published Bangladeshi entertainment news.


One of USA Entertainment and general newspaper published various news.


One of UK Entertainment and general newspaper published various news.

Bangladesh Magazines

1. Anannya Magazine

This is the best and popular Bangla magazine in Bangladesh.

2. Unmad

Another most popular Bangla magazine in BD published in Dhaka.

3. Bangladesher Kehla

About Bangladeshi different sports news published in the magazine.

4. Computer Jagat

One of the most popular technology magazine in Bangladesh.

5. e-Biz

Most popular entertainment Magazine in Bangladesh.

6. Holiday

This is Bangladeshi another best magazine name is the holiday.

7. Manchitro

Fashionable magazine in Bangladesh and very popular.

8. Nishorga

One of another most circulated magazine in Bangladesh.

9. Parabass

This is the very popular and renowned magazine in Bangladesh.

10. PC World

It is the best and popular magazine which published in the tech world.

11. Prothom Alo Special Supplement

This is the highly circulated magazine published by prothom alo newspaper.

12. Madina

This is the monthly magazine in Bangladesh on Islamic matter.

International Newspapers

1. Voice of America – Bangla

This is the USA radio and news channel and broadcast on also Bangladesh.

2. Time

This is the famous and world popular USA Newspaper.

3. Reuters

One of another world-famous newspaper.

4. Newsweek

One of another best and highly popular newspaper in the world.

5. Deutsche Welle

One of another best and very popular newspaper in the world.

6. CNN

World famous and trusted news broadcast from CNN and situated in the USA.

7. BBC Bangla

This is another world famous newspapers and news channel which published in Bangla news also.

8. Aljazeera

This is the most popular and world famous another news channel and newspaper situated in Qatar.

International TV

1. CCTV China

Most popular and world famous Chinese TV Channel.

2. Discovery Channel

Most of people in the world watch this TV Channel for it’s uniqueness.


One of another popular TV Channel in the world.

4. Press TV

Many people in the world watch this channel everyday.

5. all online free games

Very popular and most trusted news broadcast from here.

6. Euro News

European best and famous news channel for all people.

7. Sky News

USA best and popular news channel watch this channel millions of people everyday.

8. Al Arabiya

This is the Arabian news channel broadcast various news.


This is the most popular Pakistani news channel and watches millions of people.

10. Fox News

This is the most famous TV Channel in the USA and worldwide renowned.

11. Thomson Reuters

One of another so famous news channel in the world.

12. New Delhi Television

This is the popular Indian news channel broadcast from New Delhi.


This is the world famous another news channel broadcast from United Kingdom.

14. Aljazeera News

One of another world famous news channel broadcast from Qatar.


This is the most popular and undoubted famous news channel broadcast from in the USA.

Bangladesh TV Channels List

NTV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Channel i – Dhaka, Bangladesh

ATN Bangla – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Somoy TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ekattor TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Jamuna TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

DBC TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

News24 TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

BTV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Massranga TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Desh TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

RTV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Independent TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Channel 9 – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangla Vision – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Boishakhi TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Channel24 – Dhaka, Bangladesh

SA TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

ETV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Gazi TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mohona TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

ATN News – Dhaka, Bangladesh

ATN Music – Dhaka, Bangladesh

RTV Music – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Channel i Europe , USA

ATN Islamic TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Islamic TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Movie Bangla – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangla TV – London, UK

TBN 24 TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Millennium TV – Dhaka, Banglades

Jonmobhumi TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Diganta TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

My TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangla21 TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Probashibangla TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Gannbangla – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangla TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

DesheBideshe TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rang TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Al Dawa TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

ION TV – London, UK

TV ONE UK – London, UK

European TV – London, UK

IQRA Bangla TV – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Noakhali TV – Noakhali, Bangladesh

CTG Crime TV – Chittagong, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Radio Channels List

BBC Bangla Radio – Dhaka, Bangladesh

ABC Radio – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Foorti – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Today – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Amar – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka FM – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Bhumi – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Jago FM – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Peoples Radio – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Dhaka – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Dhoni – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Kotha – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Lemon24 – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Ullash – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio BD24 – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Bangla Rock – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Borno – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Bosonto – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Chomok – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Dak BD – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Deshi FM – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Dreamz – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Durjoy – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Foring – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Gann Baksho – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio High – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Jottil – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Karatoa – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Kontho – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Mohananda – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Mainamati – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Mrittika – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Munna – Sylhet, Bangladesh

Radio Oniyom – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Padma – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Sarabela – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rupali Radio – Dhaka, Bangladesh

My Bangla Gaan – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Voice24 – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Aha – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio ShoutBD – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Kolahal – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio2fun – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Doorbin – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Radio Rong – Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Radio – Dhaka, Bangladesh

List Of Bangladesh Newspapers English and Bangla

  Prothom Alo Dhaka
  The Daily Star Dhaka
  The Financial Express Dhaka
  BDPratidin Dhaka
  Manabzamin Dhaka
 The Daily Ittefaq Dhaka
  Naya Diganta Dhaka
  Shamokal Dhaka
  New Age Dhaka
10  Bhorer Kagoj Dhaka
11  The Bangladesh Today Dhaka
12  The Daily Inqilab Dhaka
13  The Independent Dhaka
14   Amar Desh Dhaka
15   Daily Sun Dhaka
16   News from Bangladesh Dhaka
17   Jaijaidin Dhaka
18   The New Nation Dhaka
19   Amader Somoy Dhaka
20   The Daily Sangbad Dhaka
21   The Daily Kaler kantho Bashundhara City
22   The Daily Jugantor


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