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Bangla Magazine is one of the most popular books in Bangladesh with two version as well as online and print. Nowadays, most people in the world read various Magazines online. All magazines in the world Bangladesh Magazine is most popular for its various categories like as politics, sports, entertainment, health, tourism, travel and more. Here below the list of Bangladeshi Magazines with different categories. If anyone wants to read Bangla Magazine then can follow this list for continue reading.

Bangla Magazine

Top Bangladeshi Magazines List

Anannya Magazine

Anannya is the most popular and circulated Bangla Magazine in Bangladesh.


Shaptahik is one of weekly Bangladeshi Magazine.


This Bangla Magazine featuring cartoons, jokes, archive, and funny ideas.

ComputAnannyaer Jagat

Computer Jagat is the most popular Tech Magazine in Bangladesh.


It is one of the best literature Magazine in Bangladesh.

Dhaka Courier

One of the most popular English Magazine in Bangladesh.

The Star

The Star is the part of English newspaper The Daily Star in Bangladesh.


One of the best Magazine which published with both English and Bangla language.

Ananda Alo

It is called a publication Magazine which published from Channel i Bhaban.


Banglastreet published on various categories like as Probashi news, Lifestyle, cholo Khai etc.

Sananda Magazine

It is one of the best women Magazine and has a huge reader continuously.

Anandalok Bangla Magazine

One of the Indian best Magazine and published celebrity news and lifestyle.

Hatpakha Bengali Magazine

Hatpakha published various topics like as lifestyle, horror and tech news.


Kishoralo is one of the best and most popular Bangla Magazine published monthly.

Rohosso Potrika

This is the detective Bangla Magazine and published in Dhaka.

Bangladesher Khela

One of the popular Bangladeshi sports Magazine.

Energy & Power

English language Magazine from Bangladesh and read most of the people.


Most popular Bangladeshi magazine which published weekly.


This Bangladeshi Magazine part of Ittefaq newspaper in Bangladesh.

Koli O Kalam

This is the open source related Magazine from Bangladesh.


Manchitro Magazine published literature, history of Bangla, research and more.


Nishorga is one the best traveling Magazine in Bangladesh.

PC World

One of the best and popular tech related Magazine in Bangladesh.

Prothom Alo Special Supplement 

Owned daily Prothomalo newspaper and published from Prothomalo office.

Ittefaq Entertainment

One of the popular Bangla Magazine and owned newspaper Ittefaq.

Canvas Magazine 

Both Man and Woman’s lifestyle, fashion, beauty and more published here.

Bidesh Bangla 24

From Australia published this Magazine and featuring Islam, sports, opinion and more.


Another Bangla Magazine and published from Japan.

Notun Barta

It is the best portal Magazine from Bangladesh.

Parjatan Bichitra 

One of the best traveling Magazine in Bangladesh.

ICT Today

This is the best and popular tech related magazine in Bangladesh.

Rupali Alo

This is the comprehensive Magazine in Bangladesh.

Ekhon Somoy

This is the vogue Bangla magazine in Bangladesh.


This is the poetry and literature related Magazine.


Most popular tech-related Bangla Magazine.


This is the event related Magazine published in Dhaka.


Most popular Bangladeshi Magazine.

Mayer Dak

This is the trusted Bangla Magazine in Bangladesh.

Megh Barta

Another best magazine for the people of Bangladesh.

Health Magazines in Bangladesh

Bangla Health Care

Best and popular health Magazine in Bangladesh published from Dhaka.

Medical Advice BD

It is called full health-related Bangladeshi Magazine.

Life Tips BD

Published from Bangladesh and featuring health tips, beauty tips and more.

Bangla Health Tips

Most popular online health portal from Bangladesh.

Health Bangla

Featuring about living life, health information, health care and more.

Islamic Bangla Magazine

At Tahree 

One of the monthly circulated Bangla Magazine.


Madina Bangla Magazine is the most popular and published monthly.