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Wink TeenPatti is the most popular card game in India, millions playing every day and Wink TeenPatti is where they play. It’s indian variation of very popular card game. It’s also known as Indian card , Flash or Flush, Three Card Brag.

Teen Patti The Indian Poker
teen Patti flash is a time old Indian poker multiplayer card game that you can play with your friends and family and with online players. You can play with 2 players, 3 players, 4 and 5 players. You will win if the cards you got are better than the others.

Ranking of the cards from high to low:
1. Trail or Set (three of same rank)
2. Straight Flush (pure sequence or run)
3. Straight (sequence or run)
4. Color (flush)
5. Pair (two cards of same rank)
6. High Card

How To Play
Wink TeenPatti is played between 3 to 5 players with the deck of 52 cards excluding the jokers. A certain amount of chips get collected by dealer as Boot Value before the round starts. Players gets 3 random cards by dealer after the boot amounts are collected and then the round starts. Once player gets their turn, They can see their cards to play safe or they can play blindfolded. During player’s turn, they can keep playing by putting certain amount as Chaal or they get packed. Chaal amount can be raised on every turn, Every player will have to previous Chaal amount to continue. But, Blind players will only have to bet the half amount of the previous Chaal. Players can use SideShow during uncertainty. SideShow excludes the player with weak cards. Sideshow can be declined too. The final 2 players can decide to end the game by doing Show.


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