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Control a whip to defeat and knock out enemies in various hilarious and challenging levels!

Easy to learn, hard to master!

Different skins and special WHIPS to mix up your fighting!
Silly & crazy physics FPS game.
Various levels & absolutely fun battlegrounds.

Who developed this game?!! It might aswell not even exist if you cant play it! It just flashes the moonee logo, tries to “load”, than just crashes. I expect a major bug fix with a full explanation on why this is happening. I tried consucutively just to get the same result. So fix your horse manure before you go downhill badly. Uninstalling until further notice.

This game is so cool if u off wifi then no adds and keep it up and u can make the criminals like move and moving funny very cool and bye keep it up

Great game pretty adicting but the animations aren’t too great and too much adds

Great game plus I can handle adverts unlike people who can’t handle rapid adverts

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