Vehicle multimedia entertainment APP Autolink

The mobile phone connects the vehicle through the USB line, using the mirror method,the mobile phone’s screen will be show on the vehicle . Then mobile phone can be operated by touch vehice’s screen. When driving on the road, autolink is both convenient and safe for operate your mobile phone. At the same time, the vehicle multimedia can also enjoy all the functions of the mobile phone.

The app does not work with the Samsung S20 5G running Android 11. The app keeps looping, by disconnecting and reconnecting and I cannot stop it until I unplug the USB cable. I am using the correct USB-C cable that I know works.

App seems to work with my Google pixel 3xl but, APP NEEDS SOME IMPROVEMENT ON SCALING TO 7″ SCREENS!!! Wish there were more updates from this developer seeing that it’s my only option for me radio. I ALSO SHOULD BE ABLE TO LOCK/CLOSE MY PHONE AND STILL OPERATE IT ON RADIO.

Started working from front usb port. I will try to disconnect the rear wire harness and reconnect it to see if the rear usb will work. I tried connecting first from front usb, then wait for confirmation from phone to link. Then when it links, I turn on the Bluetooth. Seems to work fine this way. App works good when you can get it to work. Also allows you to turn phone to get a full screen of map or certain apps that allow like media apps.

Have a Samsung S21+running version 11. Big problem the phone will not connect to the radio. Just keeps looping non stop. Hopefully soon we will get an update to cure this problem????? Appears all version 11 updates wont work. tried S6 S10 + and S21+ will not link from phone to radio. S no mirror link!!!!

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