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We know that the United States of America has many of the oldest Newspapers which is the most popular overall in the world. From the US Newspapers get many update news in various Newspapers around the world. At first, the various important news we see that the US Newspapers published and from there get it rest of world Newspapers. On the other hand, most of the Newspapers in the US highly trusted for providing trusted news. Here I am providing to all of you about the list of most popular Newspapers in the United States.

Let see what’s the name of most important and very popular Newspapers in the USA.

US Newspapers

Top 10 Newspapers in the USA Online


 1. USA Today  –  Established in 1982.

USA Today published such as local, current and international news like sports, politics, entertainment, health, technology, finance, and various award-winning photos and videos. Most of the people in the whole world well known about this US daily newspaper. Millions of people in the world read daily based this newspaper by online and printed version.

 2. The New York Times  – Established in 1851.

The new york times is the super popular US daily newspapers. This newspaper published breaking news, reviews, multimedia, and most of the opinion in Washington based. This popular newspaper also featuring travel, health, books, jobs, real estate, education, cars, and more information not only from the United States but also overall in the world.

 3. Los Angeles Times  – Established in 1881.

Los Angeles Times is one of the most popular daily US Newspaper which read daily millions of reader in the world. Basically, Los Angeles Times featuring is a leading breaking news, sports, politics, entertainment, health, social activities and more news of Southern California in the USA.

 4. Washington Post  – Established in 1877.

This is another most popular US Newspaper which published n daily based and has the online updated version. It is situated in the capital of United States Washington. Washington post featuring like breaking news and always analysis on politics, world national news, business, entertainment, health, sports and more news from the whole world.

 5. The Wall Street Journal  – Established in 1889.

This is the best and most popular daily USA Newspapers which has millions of reader on daily basis in the whole world. Basically, The Wall Street Journal featuring like breaking news about all of the topics, the current headline from the US. It is one of the famous and renowned daily newspaper in the United States.

 6. Daily News  – Established in 1919.

We know that The Daily News newspaper in the USA one of the best and most popular daily newspaper in the United States. Basically, this popular newspaper covering breaking US news, local New York News, sports news, entertainment news, health news, politics news, celebrity gossip news, autos, videos and photos published in this newspaper in the daily based.

 7. New York Post  – Established in 1801.

Most of the people in the world know about this daily USA Newspaper. Most of the American people search this daily newspaper online or internet for getting update US news. Actually, this US Newspaper covering breaking news, all of the news about New York, business, sports, real states, entertainment, opinion, fashion, culture, war news and more in the whole world.

 8. Chicago Tribune  – Established in 1847.

This is the oldest daily US Newspapers and published in Chicago in America. Most of the people in the USA and Chicago read daily for getting updated news and information. This popular newspaper featuring breaking news, entertainment, health news, sports news, gossip news, world politics news, real estate news, business news, weather, and traffic news.

 9. News Day  – Established in 1940.

Most of the people in the United States read daily newspapers which published in daily based. It is one of the most popular daily USA Newspaper which read millions of reader in the US. Basically, this daily US Newspaper featuring breaking news, culture news, sports news, health news, entertainment news, world politics news, war news, gossip news, real estate news, lifestyle, travel, fashion, and more news daily.

10. Houston Chronicle  – Established in 1901.

Houston Chronicle is the leading daily newspaper in the United States. Most of the people in Houston read this newspaper online. We know this is the Houston based online newspaper and has millions of reader for getting various news from the USA. The Houston Daily Newspaper covering such as politics, sports, entertainment, health, event, travel, gossip, war, weather, and more news in the United States.

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