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List of All Best Travel Places in Algeria

Marvel at the Central Post Office Enjoy The Urban Landscape Sip Mint Tea & People watch Visit the Museum of Modern Art (MAMA) Get lost in the Upper Casbah Plan ahead and get inside Ketchaoua Mosque Tour the Palais des Rais Head Over to the Basilica of Notre Dame d’Afrique Relax in the Botanical Garden […]

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List of All Best Travel Places in Albania

Tirana Shkodra – The cultural capital of Albania Pyramid of Tirana Albanian Riviera Durres – The largest amphitheatre in the Balkans Mount Dajti and Cable Car Kruja Korçë – The City of Serenades Skanderbeg Square Porto Palermo Castle Vlora Downtown Tirana Llogara Pass Pogradec Blloku Blue Eye Apollonia – The city of Apollo BunkArt & […]

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List of All Best Travel Places in Afghanistan

1. Bagram 2. Kabul 3. Bamyan 4. Herat 5. Mazar-I-Sharif 6. Kandahar 7. Jalalabad 8. Balkh 9. Babur Tomb 10. Qargha Lake 11. National Museum of Afghanistan 12. Kabul Museum 13. Darul Aman Palace 14. Bank-e-Amir National Park 15. Blue Mosque 16. Friday Mosque 17. Christian Cemetery 18. Herat Citadel 19. Panjshir Mountains 20. Cultural […]

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