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Cross the streets without hitting cars and get to the goal.

Lol, I would download this again! I do have one complaint though, I got up to level 700 and the levels were just like the ones in the beginning! All the levels were different and I liked that but there wasn’t much variety in them it wasn’t completely the same but the similarities are so big that the

You know I bought this game so I DON’T have ads. Now they have them at the bottom and side of the game. Not to mention to get a new vehicle you have to watch an ad. 😡 It also doesn’t keep your progress if anything happens. I want my progress and no ads back. That is money spent for a game I enjoyed…

Great! Holding the screen to accelerate and letting go to decelerate works great on mobile. I’m almost on level 900 and the semi- or fully procedurally generated levels mix it up enough that it is still fun, though it ends up being more about picking your timing, than challenging puzzles. I just lov…


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