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A habitable planet is discovered. Danger and opportunity coexist together. Live at all costs. Discover, collect, build, and hunt with your own hands. Protect yourselves from the intrusion of malicious people from different camps. Build your fortress, form an alliance, and create a culture? Start it from now..

Good game. But needs a lot of work. There should have been an ingame suggestion option. Few of the probs : *Game lags.*Not smooth.*Its hard to fight melee.*Hard to engage with guns in intense cases with default control config.*Needs custom controls.*Cannot look around properly. Should be smooth like…

If you thought this is going to be just like Life After then you are very wrong. This is as close as you get for DayZ for mobile.. The review so far might not that good, but if you try the game, this is a very survival and stealthy approach game.. and therefore a very good game. The issue here are p…

Please optimize your game for 4gb devices, its still not running smooth on my 4gb/128rom devices better have some view distance adjustment too so it will run more smoother to all devices. But the game is perfectly build with lackness but overall game is good. Just need some adjustment and more featu..


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