Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game Apk Download

Fan of sports video games?? Then here is the ultimate tennis experience on mobile we all have been looking for!

Tennis Clash is an online, multiplayer tennis game with amazing 3D graphics and intuitive controls, all you have to do to score is to swipe.

Despite the simple controls, the game is anything but casual! High-tier gameplay is deep, engaging and yet hard to master.

To further improve your game, you can invite your Facebook friends and club peers to practice and discuss the best strategies to become the ultimate Tennis Clash player!

Tennis Clash features:
– Intuitive controls which are easy to learn but hard to master.
– Arenas with increasingly high stakes, all around the world: New York, Rome, Paris and many others!
– Collect and upgrade all 10 exclusive characters and 54 special items to improve your skills.
– Play and interact with your friends in fun, real-time matches.
– Join a Club to get to meet thousands of other players, accelerate your progress and have private competitions.
– Enter special tournaments to test your skills against the best!

I have been playing for a while…good graphics and good fun. Although it’s not fair when they match you against double power opponents. And if you don’t spend some money your returns and every time you hit the ball to win the point, magically like in the matrix, the ball stays floating in the air until your opponent hits it!! So the game makes you lose, no chance of winning.

The game is engrossing and keeps it casual fun upto some level. However I do not find the ‘capped’ concept to be fair.. for one thing it shouldn’t be applicable if the opposition has stronger attributes and strings. Also since it’s a online gameplay, I agree that many a time we would be getting pinned against stronger opponents bbut that shouldn’t mean the opposition gets to hit a missile like fast serve while when I hit it back the ball keeps on floating in the air until he hits back..!

Fun to play but if you don’t spend money, then you’ll need to be patient. You’ll slowly climb up to higher levels but eventually be beaten down when you’re match with better players. At higher levels it’s not possible to play a fun game as the opponents have insane attributes. So now I’m sticking to tour 1 & 2 only. At least you don’t lose big time. Competing in tournaments is a must. Earned lots of coins from the frequent tournaments.

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