Tamil Newspapers and News Sites {Ultimate}

Tamil Newspapers List or Tamil News Paper and Tamil News sites read millions of people not only in India but also read overall people in the whole world daily based. We know that Indian Tamilnadu newspapers are very important for all of the people in the whole world. Tamilnews need all of the people in India for their daily various activities. We also know that the Indian Tamilnadu state is most important for all of the Indian People. There are many states in India Tamilnadu is the so much important and valuable for all of the citizens in India. Today news in Tamil where published all of the news from the largest country in India like movie news, sports news, political news and more news from India.

Tamil news live from the Indian state Tamilnadu wants to get most of the people from the whole world. Here we have well known that Tamilnadu state’s Tamil movie is very popular in most of the people not only Indians but also overall people in the whole world. Daily based on online or print media’s news in Tamilnadu read millions of readers for getting the latest Tamil news especially about the news of Tamil movies.

On the other hand, all of the states in India we know that some states name are very popular like Tamilnadu state in India. When we are searching about Tamil news online then we are getting many popular Tamil web newspapers that can give us all of the news from Tamilnadu in India. Besides, there are many actors and actress in Tamilnadu are very popular for their acting in Tamil movies. So most of the people searching Tamil flash news every day or every hour from the internet. We also know here that nowadays most of the newspapers readers searching all of the news from the internet or online in a minute.

Today’s news in Tamil this is the most popular keyphrase which using daily or hourly by the millions of reader for getting all of Tamil news online. When we are searching online about today Tamil news paper then we are guessing how much popular every newspaper in Tamilnadu in India. Up to crore people especially from the south Asian countries always searching about daily news Tamil for getting various news from there. When we are seeing how many readers have in every newspaper from Tamilnadu then we can discover that hourly million readers searching about the Indian Tamil News.

Nowadays, also we are seeing that world news in Tamil is very interesting for its various movie news. We also know that movie news from the world is highly popular than the other news. Tamilnadu state in India is the very discusses area for the Tamil people cause Tamil people to have extraordinary talents than the other places in India. So we are known to all that Tamil paper can publish all of the news from the Tamilnadu state. Also, I am trying here that Tamil news paper online why are the values from the other newspapers. All of the world’s newspapers Tamil news paper is highly demanded in all time not only one time or not only the especially time for its especial news like a movie.

Tamil news in Tamil published in all of the newspapers from Tamilnadu daily based that called is print media and the online version is publishing all of the news by the hourly latest news from Tamilnadu. This is the most important news is called Tamil Seithigal. Not only Seithigal but also many kinds of news in Tamil state in India are very important for all of the readers.

When we want to know about Tamil news then we are searching online or touches the print newspapers about the Tamil news live today and then we can find out all of Tamil news in Tamil for knowing all. Overall I am telling you that Indian Tamil newspapers are very popular for its various kinds of news especially its updated or ultimate movie news. Everybody in the world is known to all about the Tamilnadu area in India for its various activities.

Lastly, here I am telling you that if you want to know or read the all of newspapers from Tamil states in India then you can follow the all of below newspapers link where you can get all kinds of newspapers from Tamilnadu state in India which published all kind of news daily.

Tamil Newspapers & News Sites in Tamilnadu

 Dina Thanthi  – Established in 1942.dina thanthi

One of the top and best selling Tamil Newspapers in Tamilnadu.

 Dinakaran  – Established in 1977.dina karan

Most popular Tamil language newspapers for Tamil News published from Chennai.

 Dinamalar  – Established in 1951.dina malar

Another most popular Tamil language newspaper which published from Chennai and more places.

 Dina Mani  – Established in 1934.dina mani

Most popular Tamil language newspaper published from Chennai and other places.

 Maalai Malar  – Established in 1977.maalai malar

Daily popular Tamil Newspapers which published from Chennai and Coimbatore India.

 Thinaboomi  – Established in 1990.thina boomi

It is the daily Tamil Newspapers based in Tamilnadu India, published in Chennai and more places.

 Tamil Murasu  – Established in 1935.tamil marusa

It is the Evening Tamil newspaper published daily in Chennai and Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Pondicherry, Madurai, Trichy, Nagercoil.

 Theekkathir  – Established is 1963.theek kathir

It is the Communist newspaper in India and published in Chennai on the daily basis.

 The Hindu in Tamil  – Established in 1878.the hindu in tamil

Another most popular Tamil language newspaper read millions of reader daily in India.

 Viduthalai  – Established in 1972.vidu thalai

Daily basis Tamil newspaper and published from Chennai and more places for Tamil News.

Latest Tamil News from Tamil Newspapers,

(Tamil News Online)

Google news in Tamil – Established in 2008.google news in tamil

Tamil language newspaper and published different news in Google.

OneIndia Tamil – Established in 2006.one india tamil

One of the Tamil edition newspaper published from Chennai in India.

Webdunia Tamil – Established in 2000.web dunia

Most popular and read millions of people all over in India.

Seithy.com – Established in 1933.seithy

One of the Tamil Newspaper and engaged millions of reader daily for getting Tamil news.

thoothuonline.com – Established in 2009.thoo thu online

Popular daily Tamil newspaper printed and online based published from Chennai.

Tamil CNN – Established in 2016.tamil cnn

Tamil language popular newspaper and published news coverage from CNN.

NTamil.com – Established in 1933.ntamil

Another popular Tamilnadu newspaper which printed from Chennai and other places.

BBC News Tamil – founded in 1955.

Different news from BBC published in Tamil language daily basis from Chennai.tamil bbc


China Radio Tamil – founded in 1941.

One of the Tamil language Radio in China based in Tamilnadu.radio tamil


Paris Tamil – founded in 1997.

One of the news site based in France in Europe.paris tamil


Tamil Murasu – Singapore – founded in 1996.

One of another Tamil news site based in Singapore Asia.tamil misaru singapore


Tamil Guardian – founded in 1970.

It is the most popular daily Tamil newspaper and published in the UK language in English and Tamil.tamil guardian


Virakesari – founded in 1930.

Daily newspaper in Tamil and read huge people in Tamilnadu.vira kesari


Vanakkam London – founded in 1997.

Tamil language newspaper and published in London in the UK in English and Tamil language.vinak kam london

Dinasudar – founded in 1964.

Most popular Daily newspaper printed in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and Krishnagiri.


Daily Tamilnadu newspaper printed in Chennai and more places.kathiravan


Malai Murasu – founded in 1977.

One of another Tamil language newspaper published from Chennai.tamil newspapers


Maalaisudar – founded in 2004.

Piopular and old newspaper in Tamilnadu India.malaisudar


TamilDaily.com – founded in 1951.

Most popular and daily based newspaper in Tamilnadu state in India.tamil daily


It is the daily based newspaper in Tamilnadu published in Chennai.inneram


Makkal Kural – founded in 1973.

Daily based newspaper in Tamilnadu and language in Tamil.makkal kural


2Tamil.com – founded in 1994.

Tamilnadu based newspaper and published in the daily language in Tamil.2tamil



Popular and trusted newspaper in Tamilnadu and language in Tamil.tamil media



It is the most popular Tamil newspaper read millions of reader in a week.

Tamilnadu Today – founded in 1956.

The most reachable newspaper in Tamil and published news in Tamil.tamilnadu today



One of another popular Tamil newspaper which published in Chennai, India.inioru


Puthinappalakai.com – founded in 1878.

Tamilnadu state’s popular daily newspaper language in Tamil.puthinappalakal


yarl.com – founded in 1969.

The most popular daily based newspaper in Tamilnadu.yarl


Puthinam News

Tamilnadu’s people read daily this newspaper getting for Tamil news.


One of super popular Tamil newspaper in Chennai.telo news


TamilWin.com – founded in 2001.

It is a very popular newspaper in Tamilnadu, India.tamil win



Tamilnadu state’s popular newspaper Tharavu read millions of reader in a week.tharavu


Eeladhesam News

It is the newspaper of Chennai based and printed n Tamil language.Eeladhesam



One of another popular Tamil language newspaper in Tamilnadu.thinakkathir



Published from Chennai in Tamil language and most popular.athirvu


Tamil Leader – founded in 1949.

Name Tamil leader and really it is the Tamil language leader newspaper.tamil leader


Tamil Mithran – founded in 1985.

The most popular Tamil newspaper and printed it in Chennai and some other places.tamil mithran


Chennai Today News – founded in 1992.

The daily based newspaper in Chennai and published in different places in Tamilnadu.chennai today news



It is the printed and online version newspaper in Tamilnadu.coimbatore news


Called it real Tamil newspaper in Tamilnadu and published daily based.thinnai


JVP News

Daily based newspaper in Tamilnadu and published in Chennai and all over in Tamilnadu.jvp news


Sumanasa Tamil News

Another Tamil language newspaper and most popular.sumanasa news


Tamil GoodReturns

If it printed in Tamilnadu but read it hole people in India.tamil good returns


Sun News Live – founded in 2005.

Updated news can get from Sun news from Tamilnadu.sun news live


Samayam Tamil – founded in 2003.

Read it whole people in India and printed in Chennai and more places.samayam tamil



It is the most popular and read it by various people in India.tamil kurinji


Vivegam News

It has crore reader in a month in Tamilnadu and other places in India.vivegam news

Universal Tamil

It is another popular newspaper in Tamilnadu.universal tamil


Gold Tamil

Daily based newspaper in Tamilnadu and read thousands of people daily.gold tamil



One of the best newspaper in Tamilnadu which read all over people in India.in4net


Times of Adventure

Very popular Tamil language newspaper and printed in Chennai and other places.times of adventure


Pudhuvai Oli

Daily based Tamil newspaper and read it various people in India.pudhuvai oli


News 2

It is the very popular daily newspaper and read it in Online and print media.news2


Asianet News – Tamil

It is the most popular Tamil newspaper and published in Asian news daily.asianet news



Daily basis newspaper in the Tamil language read all over people in the world.athirady

IBC Tamil

The United Kingdom-based Tamil newspaper read millions of people in online.

Global Tamil News

Another newspaper in Tamil based in the United Kingdom.global tamil news


Canada Uthayan

Canadian based Tamil newspaper read millions of reader daily.canada uthayan


Tamil Australian

It is the Tamil language newspaper and based in Australia.


Best and popular Tamil newspaper language in Tamil.thinakaran



One of the top Tamil newspaper published in Chennai.thinakkural



One of the best and popular Tamil news site.

Sudar Oli

Another popular Tamil newspaper in India.

Tamil Mirror

Daily Tamil language newspaper and popular in India.tamil mirror


IBC Tamil

Millions of reader read daily this Tamil newspaper.ibc tamil


Makkal Osai மக்கள் ஓசை

One of the best Tamil language newspaper read most people in India.malaysia nanban


Malaysia Nanban மலேசியா நண்பன்

This is the Malaysian based Tamil newspaper read millions of reader.

Tamil Malar தமிழ் மலர்

Another popular Tamil newspaper published in Chennai and other places.

Tamil Nesan தமிழ் நேசன்

The most popular Tamil language newspaper in India.

Thaimozhi தாய்மொழி

It has millions of reader in a week all over in India.

Thinakkural தினக்குரல் (மலேசியா)

One of the best and top Tamil newspaper in India read most reader daily.

Divaina (දිවයින)

Lankadeepa (ලංකාදීප)



Silumina (සිළුමිණ)


Ravaya (රාවය)







Divesa News


BBC Sinhala

Lanka Views

Uthayan (உதயன்)


Sri Lanka Mirror (Tamil)









Jaffna Muslim



Today Jaffna


News Today

Annanagar Times

Pillar Times

Arcot Road Tal 

T-Nagar Times

Chennai Vision

Ananda Vikatan




LMD – Lanka Monthly Digest

Hi magazine

EDEX magazine




Explore Sri Lanka

Srilankan Scientist

Ketapath Pawra



Bride and Groom 

Motor magazine

Aval Vikatan


Chutti Vikatan


Cinema Express





Island Cricket

Digatha News


Lanka News Web

The Lanka Academic

Tamil Net

On Lanka News

Kandy News

LANKA Standard

Asian Mirror

Colombo Telegraph

DBS Jeyaraj

Economy Next

Eye Sri Lanka

Lanka Business Online

Lanka News Web

Lanka Page

LankaSri News

Lanka Web

Ministry of Defence

Sri Lanka Army

Sri Lanka Guardian

Viva Lanka

Sri Lanka News Live

Sri Express

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC)

Sirasa FM

Shakthi TV

TNL Radio

Sun FM

Yes FM

Shakthi FM

Tamil News

Sri Lanka Press Council


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