T Fitness Apk Download For Android

Everyday Fitness Application

positive impact look good visually decptive ads

This is the best program. Thanks T Fitness Team.

App menu needs to be readable with unicode and zawgyi.Currently only zawgyi font.In Video, timing requires to put.For example: this demostration is for 20 sec or 20 sec repeated multiply by times as per recommendation. It is not clear.You can put timing on the top right of the secreen on each video then gradually down to 0 sec.It will help user to follow the exercise and timing clearly.Thanks.

The content is good. The features are fairly good too but the app is still too buggy. It is almost not working in iOS 13.x.x. App stopped working if I touch anything in app. I got to use my extra Android phone only for this as I am eager to start ex with T Fitness. On android also, the app is just workable. If I click Settings, it stopped working but anyway able to continue on Android. Pls fix the bugs asap as it’s so frustrating.

This app is one of the best fitness apps because it balances simplicity with adequate information, and it’s suitable for nearly anyone at any ability level. I am enjoying. Thanks

this app designed the exercise program according to my need because the exercises are different from my friend who signed up together on tbe same day wirh me. we have differenr weight and heights. i can also adjust the level of exercise and the level goes up as I concqour every day challenges

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