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– A game file (ROM file) is necessary to play a game.
– Copy your own game files to SD card or Internal Memory.
– Use uncompressed ROM to play faster.
– If the emulator crashes due to lack of RAM, please free up RAM and restart the emulator.

Well I absolutely love it I can beat all the pokemon games… but it crashes, you have to save often and now I’m running into a black screen or my screen stays black even after I saved before it turned black… if I could buy the pro version and it would fix the issues I would buy it but I doubt it …

Crashes every 5 minutes during normal gameplay so set your autosave to 1 minute interval. Also there is an oversight where if you input an incorrect cheat that crashes your game, the app crashes but the cheat stays enabled until the next time you launch that game, but you can’t access the cheat menu…

Ignore the 5 star reviews on here. This app basically forces you to give it a 5 star to be able to use it. It crashes constantly, a lot of games are buggier than they should be, and the UI is bad.


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