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It launched a series of scroll shooting stand-alone game in 1987. The first Version was born on an arcade called Jamma.

Hope you happy!

So many games to play! I was looking for Bomber Man 2 cause its been so long since I last payed but I can’t find it, also goes to the Classic Tetris game from Nintendo 1989. Although the controls aren’t really that bad, I am getting used to it. However, I can’t customize the moving buttons (left/right/up/down) I keep adjusting them, even the size, but still nothing changed.

Loved enjoying the nostalgia once again, but can I request you guys something 🙂 if you dont mind then publishing an addition app for this app which can work like a controller for this game will be really great, it will be really fun if we can enjoy this game on bigger screens and can use our phone as a controller


Not bad but the controls suck I know it’s suppose to be retro style but the aroows don’t work properly can you use a joy stick it especially sucks in the sonic game

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