Stone Miner Apk Download For Android

Welcome to Stone Miner: Crush the stones with your truck, Mine the resources, Sell them on the base, and Upgrade your truck to get even more!
There are different types of islands you can explore, the further you go the more rare ores you get. Try to upgrade your truck to be more powerful!

Have fun :)!

This game has to be one of the worst I’ve ever played. First of all, the control scheme is buggy as all hell and the boost UI takes up half the friggin’ screen. Second, the amount of ad spam rivals YouTube. Seriously, I couldn’t play for two minutes without getting a random pop-up ad. It’s not bad enough that I see ads for this failure of a game in other games I play, but now I gotta have ads forced on me with no warning whatsoever. Save yourself the frustration and just skip over this game.

Was really hopeful about this game, it worked really well aside from all the forced ads. Now, though, it lags terribly and locks my phone up to the point I have to force close the UI. Also, occasionally when I go to upgrade (having more than enough money) after I buy something, it shows me like -20,000 and I have to work my way back up. That issue is a huge waste of time.

This is a good satisfying type of game. It has 40 levels and then you’re done. It probably took me 6hrs to beat and all I did was watch some TV while I used the ads to level up my tractor. Theres no limit to the amount of ads you can watch, which makes it easy to satisfy yourself with the smashing of rocks and crystals. Once you’re ready to smash, just run off wifi and data. No more ads.

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