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Swipe your finger to move across the stage and collect all the tiles !!!

If you’re here cause of youtube shorts then keep scrolling. This game is overall bad. It’s not even as satisfying as the videos imply. A lot of times when I tried to swipe to move my character it would pick up that I was interacting with the game.

This game has the potential to be a really good puzzle game. There’s no real challenge to the levels. It would’ve been better if the blocks would be put back when having to backtrack. But, because they don’t, all levels last about 3 – 5 seconds. What makes it worse is, after every single level,

Downloaded for the satisfying sounds. Have to blare volume at max to hear anything. And then I get slapped with lengthy, unskipable ads almost constantly. I have sensory issues and can not remember when all the ads are going to pop up because there are so many.


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