Spiral Craft 3D Apk Download Free Game For Android

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Gather resources, craft amazing machines, build your own world and discover new planets!
Very cool and satisfying special sound effects!
Lots of various machine and mechanics to discover!

I would really love to give this game a 3-4 star rating as it has a lot of potential to be oddly satisfying however at it’s current stage I cant. The game is laggy making it hard to get satisfying rolls. Also it has a really annoying glitch where even if you say no thanks to ads it will force you to…

This game was pretty fun and working fine until I got to world 2. None of the gems come up from the turf when I collect them, none of the upgrade machines work at all, and the big bonus gem is completely infinite- you can get millions of gems from it and the gem mining machine, but they reset back t…

There is something super satisfying about this game. I even bought no ads..BUT I can’t give it 5 stars because there are so many problems with the second planet. The shovel doesn’t pick up any stones/gems, the machines won’t turn on and upgrading any machine is so laggy its impossible. I’m super bum..


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