“Songs About Saturday Night” Aaron Watson Lyrics

They say he came out singing the moment he was born
And he could pick that old flat top guitar like a farmer pickin’ corn
And he’d sneak in those old honky tonks until they’d kick him out
And his daddy wonder how he learned all the stuff he sang about

He sang songs about dogs, songs about drinking
Songs about mamas and trains
Songs about heart broke country boys
Standin’ out in the rain
Songs about dancehall beauty queens worth getting into a fight
Songs about nothing better to do, songs about Saturday night

When he turned eighteen he went off to the war
His sweetheart wrote him letters she said she’d wait for sure
By the time he came back home she was nowhere to be found
So he packed his bags hit them honky tonks from town to town


Well everywhere he went, everybody knew his name
But he never got the big hit, he stayed just the same
And he moved back to the country when it was time to call it quits
Now if you want to hear his music, you have to buy his greatest hits