Slagalica Apk Download Free Game For Android

Od sada možete ocenjivati protivnike!

Naša Slagalica je najpopularnija kviz igra u regionu od 2012. godine. Testirajte svoje znanje u omiljenoj igri reči, brojeva i slova. Igrajte sa svojim prijateljima, osvajajte titule i nagrade. Slažite slova, kombinujte brojeve i znakove, spajajte pojmove, pokažite svoje znanje.

Karakteristike aplikacije:
– Šest dobro poznatih igara
* Slagalica
* Moj broj
* Kombinacije
* Spojnice
* Pitanja
* Asocijacije
– Potezna igra
– Igra sa Facebook prijateljima ili dodeljenim protivnicima
– Deljenje rezultata na Facebook-u
– Rang liste FB prijatelja

Great game, but on your way to ruin it with ads… I understand you need money buy try to find some other way, getting pretty anoying…

I could play as a guest only for the first day of playing,after that I didn’t get my free tokens as I should,and Slagalica sent me notification to take them,but when I open the game there was nothing,I can only buy tokens,terrible

It’s a good game but unplayable. You can’t get tokens to play nor I can buy them. Haha incredible. When I try to buy tokens it just tells me ” you can buy only if you play with FB account ” which I do and still I can not buy it. Don’t bother folks its good app if you wanna play 3 games.

App itself is great. However, not worth playing due to a really high amount of cheaters. Scores don’t really matter but for example you can’t even play Asocijacije any more, as a cheater will get it straight away and the game is done in 5 seconds. And nothing can be done. So it kinda lost it’s charm.

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