Shan Koe Mee Apk Download Free Game For Android

Welcome to MyanmarGame family! Shan is the Myanmar’s First online multiplayer card game. It’s “FREE” to play and lets play with ten of thousands of other Myanmar online!

I enjoy playing the card while I’m sitting in doctors offices or anywhere else that needs to be kept quiet. It is not loud or noxious with all kinds of noises. It is a fun way to play a game and enjoy myself and compete against myself When I have a little extra time throughout my day. It’s a great time filler for me and it passes away a lot of idle minutes

This is hands down the best card game app. It’s clean and simple and very user-friendly. Definitely will download from this Developer again. A regular card game, similar to playing with a deck of cards, clear and practical

Easy and intuitive. A very relaxing and well-designed game. It is habit forming! I have really loved this game and I have recommnded this game to everyone I know.


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Arif Hossain

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