Room and a half 2 Apk Download For Android

Who will be able to win the new game of “Room and a half 2”?
“Room and a half 2” – bigger, harder, and much funnier!
Tons of new screens, a basement arcade for fun casual games, an add-on Loot Board, and even new types of hearts!
So come on, there’s only one way to check how good you really are …

The game itself is good but there should be an option of changing language..there is just language problem but its the basic thing…

There are 2 problems 1: I can’t understand a single thing an lost so many time bc of it 2: there is no language changing thing it’s so annoyingggggg

Been playing since someone turned me on to it. Been on my phone for a few years now and serves as a souviner from backhome. Im not sure is party poopers mishelanu but if so ata anak. Amon ahava ve amon bracha 💪keep up the great work. Em yesh tip leh od games beh evrit let me know!


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