RetroLand Pro – Classic Retro Game Collection Apk Download

Retro Land Pro – Enjoy Classic Retro Game Collection 💕
Play Retro Classic Games.

Crashed once, can’t make the controls quite as custom as I would have hoped, but ads are unobtrusive, and the functionality is mostly solid. Edit: the premium version requires separate emulators at additional cost, so that’s a bait-and-switch. Otherwise fine.

I bought this app for a year in April 2021. It has stopped letting me down load games Since July 2021. I have done everything from clearing cache to un-installing the app and re-installing. I email the company twice. No answer.

It’s a great emulator, and has tons of games. I do have a few problems with it though. The main one being that certain games have visual issues and slowdown. I was playing Ocarina of Time when I noticed that some of the faces glitched and were pitch black, specifically Zelda’s. Aside from that and a…


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