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Games Offline is your best choice for games that you can play anywhere and anytime.

With Quiz, you will enjoy the best triva game, with lots of questions and answers, one of the best quiz games for Android.

In Quiz, you will find many categories like science, history, capitals, logos, sports, cars and more. Also if you like 2 player games you can play with your friends on your own phone.

This new game 2021 can be considered a mind game and an educational game, and it will help you learn funny facts and interesting data.

Off course is an offline game, so you can play the game Offline.

It’s 100% free, Play Now!

I can barely enjoy the game bc every other question or at least every third question you are forced to endure another freaking ad!! I understand the need to support your platform or whatever but this is bordering in ridiculous!!

App gets progressively more advertising. Clearly advertising is not checked first as there are several ads without Xs and instead two buttons written in other languages. I’m not learning 100s of languages just to close ads when there is a well known symbol already in use.

This game needs major technological work! Half the time says,” app not responding”; commercials get stuck & you can’t continue play. All a shame because symbols are not explained. I enjoy game but may have to uninstall.

The game keeps freezing when it’s time to load a video. Plz fix this I love your game!! Thanks 👍🏻😊

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