Punjabi Newspapers and News Sites

The following is a list of Punjabi newspapers and Punjabi news websites primarily published and distributed in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Delhi, and Rajasthan.

This blog is published in the list of the top Newspapers and Magazines around the world. Each post is given a list of 10 Newspapers and Magazines. The list of newspapers read millions of people around the world daily. In this post, a list of the top Punjabi Newspapers is given. The list is based on the number of daily circulations and online traffic. If you want to read the top level Newspapers in Punjabi, you can see the list below.

Actually, not only India but also overall people in the world search in Google and other search engines for getting Punjabi Newspapers and Punjabi News from Punjab in India. Punjab is one of the most important areas in South Asia. If any reader wants to get the best list of Punjab Newspapers undoubtedly should follow below list where attached hundred of Punjab Newspapers for knowing Punjab arena news. Which Newspapers listed below is trusted and where every newspaper has millions of reader in every month. Let see which is the best Punjab Newspapers where we can get trusted Punjab News from Punjab in India.

List Of All Punjabi Newspapers Online


 Rozana Spokesman

 Punjabi Jagran

 Jag Bani

 Punjabi Tribune


 Nawan Zamana


 Ajj Di Awaz


Doaba Headlines

Punjab Times




Punjab Post


Punjab Infoline

Sky Hawk Times 

Jammu Prbhat 

Punjabi News Online

Nirpakh Awaaz 

Times of Punjab 


Hamdard Weekly 

Punjab Post 

Quami Ekta (Punjabi: ਕੌਸੀ ਏਕਤਾ)

Ambedkar Times 

Sikh Times

Sting Operation

Indo Times (Australia)

Punjab Mail USA

Sach Kahoon

Kheti Dunia 

Desh Doaba

5 Dariya News

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