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Founded in 1941.

One of the best and most popular widely read daily Punjabi Newspapers and covering political news, sports news, health news, entertainment news, move and more.

 Rozana Spokesman

Founded in 1951.

This is the Punjabi language newspaper and published in Mohali, India for Punjab news.

 Punjabi Jagran

Founded in 1978.

This is the most popular Punjabi newspaper and distributed it Amritsar, Jalandhar, Bathinda, Chandigarh, Doaba, Gurdaspur, Kapurthala, and other areas in Punjab.

 Jag Bani

Founded in 1978.

One of the leading Punjabi language newspaper which published in Punjab state.

 Punjabi Tribune

Founded in 1978.

This is one of the broadsheet based newspaper and published by the Tribune Trust.


Founded in 1969.

One of another Punjabi language newspapers and published in Patiala, Punjab.

 Nawan Zamana

Founded in 1952.

This Punjabi newspaper published in Jalandhar and covering sports news, political news, health, entertainment, education, music and more.


Founded in 2005.

This is the daily based newspaper in Punjab and distributed in Ludhiana.

 Ajj Di Awaz

Most popular another Punjabi language based newspaper.


Founded in 2002.

One of another leading Punjabi language based newspaper in Punjab.

Doaba Headlines

Most popular daily Punjabi newspapers published in Nakodar and Jalandhar.

Punjab Times

Founded in 1965.

This is the Punjabi English language daily newspapers published in Punjab state.


It is one of the English language based Punjabi daily newspaper and published in Chandigarh, India.


This is the Punjabi language based daily popular newspaper in Punjab.


This is the Patiala based daily Punjabi newspaper and featuring sports, politics, movie, culture, literature and more news.

Punjab Post

One of another daily Punjabi English language newspaper.

Punjab Infoline

This newspaper based in Punjab and covering sports, politics, business and more information.

Sky Hawk Times 

One of the best English language newspapers published in Mohali, India.

Jammu Prbhat 

One of the Punjabi newspaper which published in Dogri in India.

Punjabi News Online

One of the English language based daily newspaper in Punjab.

Nirpakh Awaaz 

This is called Punjab based daily popular newspaper featuring sports, politics, health, culture, business and more daily news.

Times of Punjab 

We know that this is the most popular Punjabi English newspaper for getting English news.


One of the Punjab based daily newspaper which featuring about the abroad people in India.

Hamdard Weekly 

This is the weekly Punjab language newspapers which published in Canada.

Punjab Post 

This is the English language newspaper about in Punjab which published in Calgary, Canada.

Quami Ekta (Punjabi: ਕੌਸੀ ਏਕਤਾ)

This is the popular Punjabi newspaper which published in the united states.

Ambedkar Times 

One of another English language newspaper which covering Punjabi news and published in California, USA.

Sikh Times

This is another Punjabi based newspaper and published in the United Kingdom.

Sting Operation

Most popular daily based newspaper and covering Hindi, Punjabi, and English news.

Indo Times (Australia)

This is the Australian based Punjabi newspaper and very popular.

Punjab Mail USA

One of another USA based Punjabi newspaper which read many readers.

Sach Kahoon

One of the best and popular Punjab based newspaper.

Kheti Dunia 

One of another Punjab based daily newspaper and published in Punjab state.

Desh Doaba

One of the Punjabi language based newspaper published in Punjab.

5 Dariya News

This is the Punjab based popular newspaper for published various news in Punjab.

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