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Prothom Alo or Prothomalo daily newspaper in Bangladesh. This is the largest daily newspaper not only in Bangladesh but also in overall Asian countries in the world. This newspaper read millions of people not only from Bangladesh but also from overall people in the hole world. We know that Bangladesh is a small country but it has a large number of people and they are reading various newspapers online and from print media. Prothomalo is the largest and trusted newspaper from Bangladesh and it has a large number of readers on a daily basis on the internet.

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We know that this newspaper founded on 4 November 1998. This newspaper’s headquarter is situated in the capital of Bangladesh’s name is Dhaka. Firstly it was the little newspaper in Bangladesh but day by day it is increasing in Bangladesh and other countries for getting updated news from Bangladesh. We also know that Prothomalo has an English version too for giving to all of the people Bangladeshi English news and International news.

On the other hand, Prothom Alo is the top newspaper in Bangladesh even this is the top newspaper in India. We also know that it has near about up three crore readers each month online. I told here that Prothomalo online newspaper is the undoubted number one newspaper in hole Bangladesh. Bangladesh has near about five thousand daily and weekly newspapers that are print and online versions. Bangladesh is a small country but it has various issues particularly its politics is a very important issue is not only Bangladesh but also overall countries in the whole world. For this reason about crore people in daily based searches in Google about news from Bangladesh and they search about all of the news on the internet.

Online newspaper Prothomalo is the first choice for all of the local and international readers. They know that this newspaper is highly trusted in Bangladesh. Besides, there are many newspapers published in Bangladesh but they have not enough readers like Prothom Alo. Here I have explained that Bangladesh has various issues such as politics, entertainment, movies, various religion and it has a large number of Muslim peoples. So, various people in the world searching various newspapers on the internet from Bangladesh for getting all updated news in Bangladesh. Most of the people in the world and all of the people in Bangladesh know the name of Prothom Alo and search this newspaper on the internet.

Prothom-Alo giving us about on all of topics news such as sports, politics, entertainment, movie news, about health, share bazar news, economic news, environment news, doctor advise, about lifestyle, updated trading news, international news, parliament news, culture news, budget news, all of latest technology news and this newspaper featuring various news for daily based for its all of readers.

When we are measuring about its reader then we see that day by day it is increasing than all of the other newspapers from Bangladesh and from all of the Asian newspapers. Prothomalo English newspaper giving all of the news by the English language for its abroad people. We know that about two crore people live in abroad who are born in Bangladesh and they want to read newspapers from Bangladesh. They can not read print version Prothomalo. So they searching online version all of the newspapers in Bangladesh but when they search about Bangladeshi newspapers then they got firstly Prothomalo newspaper. Here I am telling you that abroad Bangladeshi people trying to search for getting all of the updated news from Bangladesh then they firstly trust the news of Prothom Alo.

This paragraph described to you that abroad people such as the USA, UK and all of the countries people want to know about Bangladeshi latest news on the internet. For this reason, this newspaper has an English version for all of the world’s people. We know that abroad people know that Bangladesh is a small country but it has an important politics field and it is the most important for all of the abroad people.

Prothomalo Bangla newspaper is the most popular we discovered it undoubtedly. When we search a keyword name is Prothom Alo in Google Adwords then we see that it has a large number of the amount this is near about three crores every month. It is called us that Prothom Alo is the most popular daily newspaper in Bangladesh. Besides, when we listen to a piece of updated news in Bangladesh or a foreign country then we firstly searched on the internet to the Prothomalo. It is a big result of Prothomalo’s popularity.

This paragraph described to you that Prothomalo has a large number of the journalist who is writing all of the updated news from Bangladesh. They are all expert journalists and they work not only in Bangladesh but also to all countries in the whole world. Every journalist in this paper’s writing a news on the trusted way, not false news.

If you want to buy a piece of Prothomalo newspaper then you can buy it from any place where sales spot, and if you read it online then you can search Google write about Prothom Alo and get you the first page in Google page and click the link.

Lastly, I am telling here that Prothomalo online Bangla newspaper and English newspaper and its print version give us trusted news regularly and for this reason, day by day increasing readers from not only Bangladesh but also the whole country in the world. If anyone wants to get all of the news in one place about not only Bangladesh but also all of the news from the rest world then they can read this popular and trusted newspaper regularly.

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