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As an office worker, you will receive a lot of files in different file formats. For example, some files are in the word format, some are in Excel format and some might be PDF documents. To edit or view these files, you need to get the respective apps on your device. But if you do not have these apps then you can make use of the Polaris Office App. It will help you to view the documents of all the different formats and it will also allow you to edit these files.

You can easily make changes to the font and can also make use of file manager to organise the apps. You can connect it with online drivers so that you can backup all your files.

Get Polaris Office APK Now!

Polaris Office is an app that will help you to make changes to different documents. For example, you can easily change the font style of a PDF file and can also add new sentences to the PDF documents. It will help you change the font size of different files and you can even draw on the documents that you receive on your device.

Features of Polaris Office APK

Simple and easy to use

Polaris Office is very simple and easy to use. It will allow you to organise your file in a very precise manner and you can also make changes to them with just a touch. You can remove any sentence and add your own, you can also change the font style in this app.

Edit any document

This is an app that will help you to edit any document, whether you are working on a word document, a PDF file or PowerPoint document, it will help if you do edit all of them.

View files easily

This app will help you to view documents of any format. For example, if you receive any excel file and you do not have it in your device then do not worry because you can easily open it and view it with the help of this tool.

Organise your Files

You can easily organise your files according to different layouts on your device. It will help you to access the most recent files with ease and you will be able to access your files without opening different apps.

Connect with Cloud

This is an app that will help you to connect with cloud and other online drivers so that you can create a backup of all the important files and you will not lose them.

Draw easily

This apple allows you to draw on your documents. You can simply swipe on your screen to draw anything and you can also select a particular colour for drawing.

Share link

This app will allow you to share your documents in the form of a link. In this way, you can easily share surveys, forms and other important documents.

Change Language

This app is available in different languages. You can change the language of this app by going to the settings and you can select any language that you understand.

Advanced tools

There are a lot of advanced editing tools available in this app that you can use. But for this purpose, you have to get the pro version of Polaris Office.

No interruptions

In the pro version of Polaris Office, there will be no ads or interruptions to disturb you while using this app.

Why do people like the Polaris Office Pro APK?

People like the Polaris Office Pro apk because this app will help them to make changes to any document that they have. They can add new sentences and font styles to them, you can even draw on them. It will help you to make a lot of changes to your files and there will be no ads to disturb you.

Download Polaris Office Pro APK Latest Version 2023

Polaris Office Pro APK is the advanced version of this app that will provide you with all the Pro editing tools and you can easily make changes to your documents. But you have to pay the subscription charges of this app in order to get the pro features on your device.

Polaris Office APK 2023 Download

Polaris Office APK 2023 is the latest version of this app that will provide you with all the new features.

Certainly, let’s explore the features of Polaris Office Pro APK:

  1. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Polaris Office Pro APK is compatible with various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, ensuring flexibility in accessing and editing documents.
  2. Cloud Integration: Seamlessly integrates with cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, allowing users to store and access documents from anywhere with an internet connection.
  3. Word Processing: With Polaris Word, create, edit, and format documents with advanced text and paragraph formatting options.
  4. Spreadsheets: Utilize Polaris Sheet for data analysis, calculations, and creating charts, making it ideal for financial reports and data management.
  5. Presentation Creation: Polaris Show enables users to design dynamic presentations with a variety of templates, transitions, and multimedia support.
  6. PDF Editing: Edit PDF documents directly within the application, streamlining document modification and collaboration.
  7. Real-Time Collaboration: Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time with colleagues or clients, enhancing productivity.
  8. Offline Access: Download and work on documents offline, ensuring uninterrupted productivity even without an internet connection.
  9. Templates: Access a library of templates for various document types, from resumes to project proposals.
  10. Security Features: Protect sensitive documents with password protection and encryption, safeguarding confidential information.
  11. Integration with Third-Party Apps: Seamlessly integrate Polaris Office with other productivity apps, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  12. File Versioning: Track changes made to documents and easily access previous versions, allowing for document revision control.
  13. Customizable Themes and Styles: Personalize documents with customizable themes and styles to match brand guidelines or personal preferences.
  14. AutoSave: Ensure that work is continuously saved, minimizing the risk of data loss during document creation or editing.
  15. Keyboard Shortcuts: Enhance document editing speed and efficiency with keyboard shortcuts.
  16. Document Sharing: Share documents through secure links or email, controlling access and permissions to maintain document integrity.
  17. Multilingual Support: Create and edit documents in multiple languages to cater to a global audience.
  18. Data Analysis Tools: Polaris Sheet provides a range of functions and tools for comprehensive data analysis and visualization.
  19. Offline Dictionaries: Access dictionaries for accurate spelling and grammar checks, even when working offline.
  20. User-Friendly Interface: Polaris Office Pro boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.
  21. Mail Merge: Streamline document production with mail merge functionality, ideal for personalized communications.
  22. Footnotes and Endnotes: Add references and citations with ease for academic or professional documents.
  23. Sticky Notes and Annotations: Insert notes and annotations within documents for collaboration or personal reference.
  24. Table Creation and Formatting: Create and customize tables to organize data effectively.
  25. Equation Editor: Simplify the inclusion of mathematical notations and equations in scientific and technical documents.
  26. Page Layout Options: Customize page layout settings, including margins, orientation, and paper size.
  27. Watermark and Background Options: Add watermarks and adjust document backgrounds for branding or aesthetics.
  28. Interactive Forms and Checkboxes: Create interactive forms and surveys within documents for data collection.
  29. Document Hyperlinking: Insert hyperlinks for easy navigation within documents or to external resources.
  30. Accessibility Features: Polaris Office Pro includes features to improve accessibility for users with disabilities.

These features collectively make Polaris Office Pro APK a versatile and powerful office suite, suitable for a wide range of professional and personal document needs.

Final Verdict

This app will help you to make changes to any document that you download without a need to get the original app. You can even draw on your documents. But in order to have access to all the extended features, you can download Polaris Office Pro APK.


Q. Can I edit PDF files with the help of Polaris Office APK?

Yes, you can edit PDF files with the help of Polaris Office APK.

Q. Can I use the Polaris Office APK on my Laptop?

Yes, you can use the Polaris Office APK on your laptop.

What's new

Certainly, here's a comprehensive list of 100 features of Polaris Office Pro APK:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Cloud Integration (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive)
  • Word Processing (Polaris Word)
  • Spreadsheet Functionality (Polaris Sheet)
  • Presentation Creation (Polaris Show)
  • PDF Editing
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Offline Access
  • Templates for Various Documents
  • Security Features (Password Protection, Encryption)
  • Integration with Third-Party Apps
  • File Versioning
  • Customizable Themes and Styles
  • AutoSave
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Document Sharing
  • Multilingual Support
  • Data Analysis Tools (Polaris Sheet)
  • Offline Dictionaries
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Mail Merge
  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Sticky Notes and Annotations
  • Table Creation and Formatting
  • Equation Editor
  • Page Layout Options
  • Watermark and Background Options
  • Interactive Forms and Checkboxes
  • Document Hyperlinking
  • Accessibility Features
  • Offline Editing
  • Cloud Storage Integration
  • Document Commenting
  • Automatic Table of Contents
  • Voice Typing
  • Picture Insertion and Editing
  • Graphic Shapes and Charts
  • Document Merging and Splitting
  • Advanced Search and Replace
  • Macros and Automation
  • Document History Tracking
  • Mobile Synchronization
  • Real-Time Chat within Documents
  • Auto-Correct and Autocapitalization
  • Data Sorting and Filtering (Polaris Sheet)
  • Conditional Formatting (Polaris Sheet)
  • Pivot Tables (Polaris Sheet)
  • Goal Seek Analysis (Polaris Sheet)
  • Data Validation (Polaris Sheet)
  • Collaboration on Presentations
  • Slide Transition Effects
  • Image and Video Insertion in Presentations
  • Multimedia Playback in Slides
  • Animation Effects
  • Voice Recording for Presentations
  • PDF Conversion Options
  • E-Signature Integration
  • Business Card Scanning
  • Calendar Integration
  • Access Control and Permissions
  • Team Collaboration Workspaces
  • Auto-Alignment of Objects
  • Hierarchical Document Structure
  • File Export Options (e.g., DOCX, XLSX, PPTX)
  • Voice Commands for Editing
  • OCR Text Recognition
  • Geolocation Tagging in Documents
  • Smart Tables
  • Scientific Notation Support
  • Research Tools
  • Task Management Integration
  • Document Export to Cloud Storage
  • Image Editing Tools
  • Dynamic Headers and Footers
  • Document Redaction
  • Offline Dictionary for Multiple Languages
  • Advanced Print Settings
  • Chart Creation and Customization (Polaris Sheet)
  • File Compression and Archiving
  • Document Backup and Recovery
  • Access to Thousands of Fonts
  • Web Page Capture and Insertion
  • Data Import from External Sources (Polaris Sheet)
  • Document Import from PDF
  • File Organization Features
  • Collaboration Analytics
  • Whiteboard Integration
  • Code Syntax Highlighting
  • Dark Mode
  • Taskbar Integration (Windows)
  • Spreadsheet Import from CSV (Polaris Sheet)
  • Document Export to HTML
  • Barcode Generation and Scanning
  • Business Templates
  • Online Help and Support
  • Cloud-Based File Storage (OneDrive, Dropbox)
  • Advanced Drawing Tools
  • Seamless File Conversion
  • Office Online for Browser Access
  • AI-Powered Features for Productivity

These diverse features collectively make Polaris Office Pro APK a versatile and powerful office suite, suitable for a wide range of professional and personal document needs.


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