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Welcome to the world of Pocket Ninja – Tales of Leaf!Here you are able to experience being the Hokage yourself! Build and manage your own village, recruit the best ninjas, upgrade them to their maximum potential and go on S rank missions to protect your own village!

With this much gameplay, you will never be bored of Pocket Ninja!Pocket Ninja is a RPG action-card-battle game that will provide you lots of fun! The Tales of Leaf tells the story of a village of great and brave ninjas.

They train hard everyday to battle evil enemies and protect themselves. You are going to be the best hero ever, who will train and become the next powerful Hokage! Create the strongest team unmatched to the unstoppable Kakashi Sensei, Madara & Itachi!Game Features:☆ RECRUIT LEGENDARY HEROES ☆More than 50 famous Ninjas for you to choose from! Recruit them with chests of gold and diamonds, send them on special S rank missions to level up, equip strong gears to help your team!☆ ULTIMATE CHALLENGES ☆Be always at war in Pocket Ninja

– Tales of Leaf! Be fast and strong to stay till the end of the battle. Do not forget, amazing gifts await you at the top of the rankings!☆ EPIC TAILED BEASTS ☆In Pocket Ninja, You are able to conquer and plunder other player’s Tailed Beast shards, then summon those legendary Bijus for yourself! Be like the insane Obito Uchiha and Madara!


Match your summoning powers and go up against them!☆ TEAM SYNERGY MATTERS ☆Create your very own team of ultimate ninjas, synergize them well and watch them crush your foes! Match them up against the utmost difficult opponents and win them in the battle of wits! ☆ GUILD SYSTEM ☆Form a guild with your friends, Pocket Ninja relies a lot on teamwork!! Set the strategy for guild war, occupy strongholds and initiate fierce battles together with your allies. Receive rare gifts from every guild battle!☆ UNLIMITED BENEFITS ☆Make sure you are always logged in to the game to obtain FREE gifts! Utilize them to craft your very own Ninja Gaiden in Pocket Ninja! Free VIP benefits await you as well~

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