Pi Browser Apk Download For Android

Pi Browser provides a web experience into a decentralized world. In addition to supporting any Web2.0 applications just like existing web browsers, Pi Browser enables people to browse, interact and transact in decentralized applications – applications that integrate with blockchain technology – with seamless and friendly user experience.

I know this is just in the test phase, but if you give me something called a “Browser”, I expect it to be able to view web sites. Essentially, this is just a home page that requires it’s own, exclusive software.

Just installed(10/20/21), created wallet. It wouldn’t install at first so I checked my internal storage (it was full) and moved some files to sd card to make room and then it installed first try. Wallet was easily created also, remember to save your key!

The app opened and I’ve been able to access it ,but sending pi becomes the problem ,I tried it by sending test pi to myself and till today it hasn’t arrived my account balance is now 99.99999 test pi instead of 100

“This page could not be loaded” instead of being able to create or access my wallet.

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