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Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition.
A smooth drawing experience!

Used to be a fun little game, but has become unplayable after recent updates. You spend effectively more time watching ads than playing. What’s worse is that they pop up in the middle of your game, with a 5 sec countdown. In a game where situational awareness and quick reactions are key, this is a k…

Honestly, this is the best game I have ever played! I am ADDICTED! There is hardly and adds and they upgrade you skin every time you complete a quest. The game is about where you go around the map with online players and you can kill them by going into there trail, the can do the same. The aim is to…

THIS APP IS SO GOOD! I love it so much but it has some bugs, ADS EVERY 30 SECONDS!!, IRL MONEY FOR A SKIN?! A) ADS: If you die you get an ad to use a extra life, Yeah I understand that but AN AD WHEN YOU CLICK NO?! And worse, Ads when your in the middle of gameplay. This is really annoying over the …


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