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Fold and Create Pictures
Very simple mechanics, only tap and fold.
Once you start, it will be hard to stop.
This will be the one of the most relaxing time of your life.

this game is fun if your looking for something to pass the time. not many ads which I expected and It is very smooth. I do not reccommend playing on a computer but Overall, it is pretty fun.

Pretty cool game. Fun and visually appealing. BUT – But the levels start repeating around LVL 200 and it only takes about 20mins to get there. So yeah in conclusion this game lasts about 20 minutes total. It is for this reason I would not recommend buying the Ad-Free version – not a good investment.

Yes a game like this is the best of best that is great but, the ads are really making it kinda not that fun so 4 stars are the best I could give. But thanks and we really appreciate for making this game. Thank you.

Why are people even downloading this boring game that people are spending more time watching ads than playing? I down loaded this just to leave a bad review because the developer Good Job Games didn’t even take the time to respond to the people seeing ads with the f word in one of their ads. All they care about is money when they’re not taking the time to see what ads are playing and obviously don’t care what their customers see. I will never download a game by this developer!!!!

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