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Mobile payment application (1) with Paylib (2)
Discover the application that facilitates your daily payments!

What if your mobile became your preferred payment method?
With the mobile payment application, pay for your purchases and reimburse your loved ones with a simple gesture.

All your payments online, in store or with friends are secure and always at your fingertips.

– Repay your loved ones with Paylib with friends: Access the Paylib community of 15 million users to send money instantly to your loved ones with a simple phone number.
– Pay in-store contactless: Pay for your purchases regardless of the amount (3), by approaching your phone to your merchant’s payment terminal (4). Receive real-time confirmation notification following your payment.
– Pay on the internet: No need to enter your credit card number, validate the payment directly from your application using the Paylib button available on merchant websites
– Receive real-time notifications: To follow your payments in store and on the internet
– Secure your payments: Validate your purchases in a few seconds by authenticating with your code or by biometrics (5)
– Find your payment history: All Paylib purchases or transfers between friends made with the application are available on the home page
– Manage your bank card options (6): In the application settings choose “card option” to increase your limits (7), disable purchases abroad (8) …
– Choose to be alerted about your credit card spending: Choose an amount beyond which you wish to receive a notification

(1) Offer subject to conditions and specific membership

(2) Offer subject to conditions and reserved for adult holders of a deposit account, a bank card (except private cards and cards from the “Business” range) issued by Crédit Agricole attached to said account and access to Crédit Agricole’s online banking service. Paylib allows payments to be made on all merchant sites displaying the PAYLIB logo and at all merchants accepting contactless payment. The use of the Paylib payment solution requires a specific membership as well as the possession of an eligible smartphone and a reliable phone number.

(3) “Within the limits of the limits applicable to your card as specified in your payment card contract. Paylib is a solution linked to your bank card and benefits from the same conditions as this one.

(4) “Available only for owners of android smartphones with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for proximity payments at merchants accepting (i) the category and brand of your eligible card and (ii) payment in “contactless” mode with a terminal equipped with NFC technology. Please note that certain payment limits may apply depending on the country where you are.

(5) Depending on the features chosen and available on your smartphone.

(6) Mobile Payment allows access to these features by redirecting the user to their personal CAEL space.

(7) Subject to the agreement of your Regional Bank.

(8) For the deactivation of payments (remote, abroad or contactless) to be effective, you must validate the modification in your personal CAEL space then make a withdrawal from an ATM with this bank card. Please note that the “deactivated” status will appear in your personal CAEL space within 24 hours after the withdrawal. You can reactivate the option at any time, via your CAEL personal space or by contacting your agency.

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