Novelah – Romance Novels, Fantasy Stories Apk

Novelah is a free novel reading app, providing a large number of free, original, and good novels. Discover and explore youself!

Original & Free
Original novels directly from the authors, free to read. Popular genres include urban feel-good novels, romance, hot boss, science fiction…Everything can be found here.

Be A Contracted Author
Submit your works and win recognition from Novelah and likes from readers. We will pay you a stable and reliable source of income for your writing once you become our contracted author.

Honestly this app is nice,I enjoy the books and all but there is just one problem that I hate,earning points freeze when it’s around 15k points of reading,I have been using this app for 5 days and when I have earned 15k points while reading,it just freezes.I do really recommend this app but please do fix this because I don’t know if 15k is how many points I should only earn for a day.I keep reinstalling it and the same thing happens.

My honest review. This is a good app. You can enjoy free reading of novels & at the same time you can play games, spin, quiz etc. I’ve been using this app for a few months now since it’s releasing date. And I could say that this is a great app for novel lovers. Try this app!! You’ll surely love it! 💕 Plus you can earn some extra cash. Good job, developer! 😊 And thank you for the admins for being helpful in my journey in using Novelah. 💕

I just install this apps and honestly it’s really fun and amazing!I hope there will be more books soon.But sadly,when i opened an ad to get 500 coins reward and double reward for Win Wiz Quiz,i didn’t get the reward.I already played an ad 3 times but still didnt get the rewards.I hope you could fix it ASAP.Thank you

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