NetShare – no-root-tethering Apk Download

Create WiFi Hotspot to share cellular data or extend your existing WiFi connection just as a WiFi Repeater. NO TETHERING PLAN OR Tether fees required.
Support android 6 and above

Work in android 6 and above in which hotspot / tethering features are blocked.

Bypass tethering / hotspot block.

Your tethering is completely hidden & undetectable.

Create portable WiFi Hotspot while connected to WiFi network to share WiFi connection from your device to other devices as a WiFi Repeater.

Using WiFi Tether which is more faster than Bluetooth, and C libraries to make WiFi Tether faster than ever.

Extend weak WiFi signal Using your phone.
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I was having issues with my WiFi. Devices get disconnecting I even purchased a new phone but still faced disconnection and my WiFi service providers never helped. Only one device had a constant connection so I used this app to share my WiFi with other devices and it worked. I am grateful. I hope it stays and works as it’s been a nightmare. Thanks for creating this app. It has helped during this lockdown. Thank you.

Over all… fantastic! I bought the previous version, they’ve done a great job! They leave it wide open, so you should give them something… no bandwidth limits, I tax this thing hard with multiple devices doing weird things… 90% It handles the requests… only a few secure network issues won’t Allow for a connection… but normal stuff outside of super secure private networks, this is so awesome!

There’s a bandwidth limit so you can’t even try it out without paying ($7.99 or $10 for full). I might give it a better rating if there was a trial, to test it out, but there isn’t so I really can’t tell if it works or not. Especially considering it’s more than twice the price of most apps. I have no problem with developers charging for apps/upgrades but for something like this I would expect a free trial period. Otherwise I would recommend looking elsewhere.

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