Music Battle – Full Mod Apk Download For Android

– 7 weeks
– 8 mods extra (Let explore)
– Story mode, Free play mode
– Custom button
Let help Boyfriend rescue his Girlfriend.

Okay, before I start with my review and what I think of it. I hope the game creator sees this, because, the game is 100% amazing! Although, I have a few suggestions and I hope they don’t mind adding it. I’m used to playing with wide tiles, like there’s some blank space on each corner which is hard for me to click. (Since I use hit boxes) and I hope they fix this soon, overall the game is LEGIT! Edit: and also, please fix the freezing thing when I pick a song. And also the notes matching up too!

This game is a great alternative option and I play it in school since I can’t bring my own laptop to school but there is a few things I would like. Fixed offset, hex mod, fix the tricky mod, better input, arrow speed in options menu, kapi mod, b side difficultly and bob mod I’m not expecting all of these but if I were to choose 3 I would say fix tricky mod, fixed offset and hex Can you please take what I said into mind and maybe decide to add some of my ideas into the game

The music is way too far head and the notes aren’t even synchronize with the music. I hope you (remove the black corners) make the resolution for this game even wide like 16:9 screen size because when I play with hitboxes on, I always press the black corner. Other than that I love the mods but I hope you fix this problem

I think this game is well made and the graphics are good, but can you PLEASE lower the amount of ads? There is an ad every single time I get blue balled and it is very annoying. As if the player isn’t mad enough already because he/she lost, you had to throw in an ad to add on to their anger. I give it a three. If the graphics weren’t so good, I would rate a 1 out of 5

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