Mr. Slice Apk Download Free Game For Android

It is like soap cutting but much-much better. Cut soap-like objects of different shape and kind. Become a Slicing Hero!Play now and feel the amazing satisfaction with realistic cutting effects, relaxing sounds and different types of blades and heroes.

This game is just horrible. First off it showed a inappropriate ad that’s definitely not for kids, Like who made it? They need to be banned from making ads, The game is also extremely boring since the levels are almost the same and sometimes freaking reskimned levels. I played this game until level ..

Honestly not bad of a game its is boring but u still can enjoy some parts and is filled with lots of ads but i just turn of the wifi

It’s a 3 because on some of the levels there is a little guy on the top that shows up and it kinda crashes your game. I have proof of it happening 2 times already.


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Arif Hossain

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