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Are you a good shot? Let’s find out!

Note: Don’t forget to upgrade your arsenal. Get new guns in gun store and by completing the boss blacklists!

The amount of ads this game has is a joke. Aren’t you happy with the Elite microtransaction feature? Your ads are 30 seconds long and at most times can’t even be skipped. Some of your ads even take me to the store page. This ruins the entire game experience. I know, it’s your only source of income, but not to the point where you literally kill one’s experience. This game was way better back then.

This game really dropped in quality. I played this when it first launched and I’ll have to say, the new version blows. First problem was the lag, for a small game. Second problem, no way to permanently get rid of ads without a ridiculous amount for a weekly subscription, thats 24.00/mo in total. I will never recommend this to anyone anymore. The only good things are the guns.


I personally like this game. I started playing in 2019 and had a good time with it. It’s still sad that in 2021 we haven’t received “a big update” with the cyberpunk skins. Just wondering if we can get some information on when the update will come out

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