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Build houses, cities and villages.
Explore the endless world. Seek and mine resources in deep mines, high mountains, endless fields and dense forests.
Grow plants and breed animals. Protect your buildings from evil mobs and play with friends …

It’s a bit poopy it keeps collecting every time I go to inventory also you move too fast and every time I join a world it’s just nothing there’s no blocks after you wait a minute there’s blocks and then it’s a Skyblock and stupid you can’t get off the SkyBlock

Ads ads ads, its always ads everytime. its like you can’t even do anything while there are ads poping everytime. Whenever you try to do anything in sec bam!!!an ads meets you again. I had to uninstall bcoz of this

I like the game but too many ads I was on creative and I was building a house it didn’t let me sleep can you fix the game so I can sleep I don’t want to hunt down monsters and Enderman teleporting in my house!!!!!!!!! Add pop up So I left the game waited for the last day day went to school and then …


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Arif Hossain

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