“Mexico” Abhi The Nomad & Armani White Lyrics

I’m gonna go to Mexico and leave everyone behind
I need a new vacation
If you want to let me know we can meet before I leave
I’m at the train station


All my bags are packed to go
Give me one more reason to stay
I’ll be waiting

They say the outside world is magical
And I can’t wait to get away
No hesitation

Yeah, well I can’t wait no more

Cause no matter how hard I try to stay
You always maintain the same display
It’s all the he-say she-say of the day
And I don’t really got time to waste

I’m stuffing a Duffle Bag a T-Shirts
And some dishes in a room
I ordered my ticket for birthday
Send yo wishes in a zoom
And if you ask me one more time biiiiitch
I’m visiting Tulum
Cuz all these bad bitches take they pictures in Tulum
So tell them that San Miguel de cozumel es donde mi quedo
Y tengo el cable y comida gratis, so como estas “you don’t know spanish”
I know sombrero, con bravo y mi carro es lavado
And what’s that lady name from El Dorado? Her too
I caught the fertile bird flu, so now I don’t do purdue
My circle surf through work commercial, I just pursue perfume
I know my limits, my lineage, and life ain’t give me lemons
So stamp this passport
And mind your business