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Put her and him in shape. Control puppets in variety of situations and help them achieve the desired state!

overall the game is very good and interesting, but the ads are too many which bothers me when playing the game, At least you add an exception to remove the ads by buying no ads, And maybe you can add some music? So that it’s not too quiet, Thank you.

The game was so well until I got to level 96. BOOM! I’m back at level 3. If you didn’t finish the game and level I would totally understand, but you didn’t mention anything. It happened to my sister as well. I hope it’s not something bad. But I will probably stop playing for a while because I got to a big level and now I’m back at level 3. Please do something about this. Please don’t play this game if you don’t like starting over, thanks for listening

I downloaded this game cause i like a game where i can move them literally anywhere, Even too there is some inappropriate thing for kids, This game is still fun, But there is one thing that make me give 3 stars, Why the game forced me to use internet connection, This isn’t even an online game, So internet connection will give nothing useful

Very easy and a lot of ads I don’t mind some ads as I know developers need to earn money however I play a lot of games and only keep the ones with an acceptable amount of ads. Also it isn’t smooth enough the movements are very unrealistic.

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Arif Hossain

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