Magic Finger 3D Apk Download Free Game For Android

Use your magic touch and surroundings to take out your foes! Defeat your enemies by throwing other enemies! Use explosive barrels to make a big impact! Sent your adversaries off the platform into the deep!

In this action you choose how you control the environment and can freely pick up anything you see. Use your finger to become the ultimate magic user!

I love your game, and I would give you more stars, if you have sound. No sound, No stars.

3 ways this game is bad. 1.Ths depth preception aka the controles 2. I got 3 keys and openned the chest I COULD NOT get off it 3. Number 1 and 2 the one good fing is the uhh uhh yeah I got stuck not that far in the game on the chest. AND for insult to ingery it takes up TO MUCH SPACE atleast it was …


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