LMHT: Tốc Chiến Apk Download For Android

Immerse yourself in Speed ​​War: experience a pure skill and tactical 5 vs. 5 MOBA in Riot Games’ League of Legends, now completely rebuilt for mobile devices. With smooth controls and super fast gameplay, you can team up with your friends, lock your hero picks and perform life-long stunts.

Master the arena and become a legend with a series of different generals with dynamic, constantly changing strategy. Each match will be an opportunity for you to unleash the perfect directional skill, turn the game around with great teamwork or successfully perform an excellent pentakill.

Victory only comes to those who know how to coordinate with teammates in this mobile MOBA game. Whether it’s a duel, triple or a team of 5, you can join the queue with your friends to climb up the ranks and destroy the enemy’s Main House.

Break into the battlefield with a giant sword, freeze enemies along the way with ice arrows flying across the map or lure opponents to meet death with extremely magical spells. For every legendary page you write on, there will always be a suitable general.

Go head-to-head in fair matches both in terms of skill and team size. All heroes can be claimed in Rapid War and you’ll never have to pay to play or power up. Even if it’s just 1 cent.

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