Like A Dino! Apk Download Free Game For Android

Simple. Fun. And Clean. Just Like A Dino!

Made By @super_toki

Love the app and the controls are easy. Also it has no ads no yup you can play with no ads and yeah great app. One more thing I wish there were more characters. Please bring back the girrafe and other animals i had all of them……Any way love the app keep the good work going bye! OTHER DAY OMG yesssss theres more characters!!! I can’t wait for the eggs!

This is such a good app! It lets u get free 1,000 coins, and it also has very good music to play. And it also has other stuff too! It has some characters to play the music with. And it also has some music to choose. And when u mess up, it doesn’t say u lose, it says it’s okay, or try again or something. And also if u subscribe to there YouTube channel, then you will get free 3,000 coins.

it’s cute and doesn’t push you to view countless ads, which i personally think is amazing. the visuals and music are easy on both the eyes and the ears as well. i especially like the fact that the movements aren’t jerky – everything runs smoothly and exactly as it should. honestly, one of my top 3 games that i currently have.

This is laterally one of the best games I have every played. Amazing graphics amazing music. The thing that surprised me the most is the quality. Usually with these games is a and jerky and there are too many ads. Here there are no ads at all unless you want to gain some free coins by eating an at at your own free will. The game ruins perfectly smoothly too. It’s not too hard and it’s not too easy, very child friendly and I can’t believe an amazing game like this exists! Thank you well done.

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