Jonaxx Stories Apk Download For Android

Jonaxx Stories is where you can read free stories from Jonaxx. Jonaxx is a Filipino author known for her published works and free stories online. Discover her new works and comment on the chapters on this application made for Jonaxx Stories Lovers.

I’d like to raise some suggestions in improving the app. I’ll start with the brightness. Since the overall readers do read during nighttime I’d like to suggest to lower its luminosity or just let it depend on the user’s phone setting so it won’t be such a hassle. As result, it will be beneficial not just in the sense of being comfortable while reading it but somehow benefit to the health of the readers. I think that is all. But ate J! I love the overall concept of your app and I love you more!

Idk if sakin lang tried updating the app to see the new whole update pero, wala huhuhu. Tried uninstalling and install it again like 3x already pero ganon pa din. The only update sa app na meron sakin is yung ask jonaxx, the gradient color update is wala. Ewan ko if sa phone ko yung problem, or internet namin pero it happened 3x times already na ganon, if my phone is not the problem, i hope this would be fix po. I really liketo see and experience the new update 😭💖

I love the app thank you so much for this ate jonah and team for creating this wonderful app for your readers!💖 I love the new update because I can now add the line that I like to my gallery. I hope you can limit to 5 the changing of usernames perhaps?

I sooooo love jonaxx and her stories but this app is making me loco, i already have an account yet it doesnt make me loggin. Tried to sign up again but it says i already have an account. I hope this gets fix.

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