Horizon Modding Kernel Apk Download Free Game For Android

Horizon Modding Kernel is a flexible environment for game modding, and a modloader for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (and probably some other games in the future). You can easily install mods and resources for any Android game you have on your device.

Key features of Horizon Modding Kernel:
– Create mods for any games you have on your device
– Patch games resources and add new ones
– Special support for games created with Unity
– Flexible modding API that allows for stable and powerful modding environments

You can also run mods for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, mods are fully backward-compatible with Inner Core mods, however, the environment contains many new features and is more robust and optimized and also runs newer version of Minecraft. App also provides unique functionality for mod developers.

Major features of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition modding environment:
– Create and run multiple different mod packs
– Store Minecraft worlds and settings in separate folders to avoid conflicts between mod packs
– Support for several modding APIs and integration between them
– Large amount of new items and blocks
– Unlimited craft & furnace recipes
– Various machines and ways to interact with the world
– Powerful UI system
– New custom dimensions and biomes
– Flexible mob APIs


All mods from the old Inner Core can be run using Horizon, most of the large mod ports from PC, including Industrial Craft, Forestry, Harvest Craft, Blood Magic, etc, are also optimized for Horizon. There are a lot of smaller mods and add-ons ports, as well as some original mods you can play with.

Horizon Modding Kernel is not an official application from Mojang AB. All rights for Minecraft: Bedrock edition belong to Mojang AB. All the rights for the other games that can be modded using Horizon, as well as original mods for Minecraft: Java Edition, also belong to their creators.

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