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This blog is published in the list of the top Newspapers and Magazines around the world. Each post is given a list of 10 Newspapers and Magazines. The list of newspapers read millions of people around the world daily. In this post, a list of the top 10 Hong Kong Newspapers is given. The list is based on the number of daily circulations and online traffic. If you want to read the top level Newspapers in Hong Kong, you can see the list below.

Hong Kong Newspapers Online

1. Headline Daily (Chinese: 頭條日報)

2. Oriental Daily News (Chinese: 東方日報)

3. The Standard (In English)

4. Ming Pao (Chinese: 明報)

5. Apple Daily (Chinese: 蘋果日報)

6. Sun (Chinese: 太阳报)

7. Sing Tao (Chinese: 星島日報

8. Hong Kong Commercial Daily (Chinese: 香港商報)

9. Hong Kong Economic Journal (Chinese: 信報財經新聞)

10. Hong Kong Economic Times (Chinese: 香港經濟日報)

Ta Kung Pao (Chinese: 大公報)

Wen Wei Po (Chinese: 文匯報)

Kung Kao Po (Chinese: 公教報)

South China Morning Post

Sunday Examiner

China Daily Hong Kong Edition

Wall Street Journal Asia

Hong Kong Post


Financial Times 



The News Lens (關鍵評論網)

Sing Pao Daily News (Chinese: 成報)

Google news Hong Kong

Yahoo news Hong Kong




Wednesday Journal

Sky Post


Hong Kong Free Press

Television Broadcasts (TVB)

Metro Daily (Chinese: 都市日報)

Metro Broadcast

BBC News – Hong Kong

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