Hindi Newspapers and News Sites

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1. JagranJagaran is one of the most widely Hindi newspapers in India. Founded in 1942.

2. Dainik BhaskarIt is one of the Hindi language newspaper published in Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh. Founded in 1948.

3. Amar UjalaThis is the most popular Hindi language newspaper in India for Hindi News. Founded in 1948.

4. HindustanMost popular and top-selling Hindi language daily newspaper in India. Founded in 1947.

5. NavBharat TimesOne of the very popular daily basis newspaper in India. Founded in 1934.

6. Nai DuniaThis is the Indore based daily Hindi language newspaper in India. Founded in 1947.

7. Punjab KesariThis is the best and popular Punjab based daily newspaper. Founded in 1965.

 8. Prabhat KhabarThis is another Hindi language newspaper and based in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Founded in 1984.

9. PatrikaOne of the very popular and huge selling daily newspaper and based in Madhya Pradesh. Founded in 1965.

10. Hindi MilapThis is another most popular Hyderabad based Hindi language daily newspaper. Founded in 1923.

11. DeshbandhuOne of another popular daily newspaper published in Raipur, Bilaspur, Indore, and Jabalpur. Founded in 1952.

12. Rajasthan PatrikaIt is one of the est and popular daily Hindi language newspaper in India. Founded in 1956.

13. Rastriya SaharaHere covering various local news and information and published from Delhi, Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Patna, Dehradoon, Kanpur and Gorakhpur. Founded in 1992.

14. HaribhoomiOne of the best selling daily Hindi newspaper in India. Founded in 1996.

15. Ranchi ExpressDaily Hindi newspaper and primarily distributed in Jharkhand State in India. Founded in 1963.

16. JansattaOne of the most popular daily Hindi Language newspaper. Founded in 1990.

17. Lokmat SamacharOne of another best selling Hindi Newspaper and published by Lokmat Group. Founded in 1952.

18. Economic Times (Hindi)This newspaper featuring economics, stock market news, Industries, Showbiz news and etc. Founded in 1961.

19. Lok TejThis popular newspaper covering such as sports, career, cinema, religion, shopping and more. Founded in 1997.

20. PratahkalOne of the best Hindi language daily newspaper covering various news. Founded in 1979.

21. Prabhasakshi – founded in 2001. One of another most popular Hindi newspaper which published in daily.

22. Khas Khabar – founded in 1984. One of another Daily newspaper in India which published on daily basis.

23. Tehelka Hindi – founded in 2007. Most popular and daily based Hindi newspaper and read millions of reader.

24. Vir Arjun – founded in 1988. It is the national daily based Hindi newspaper and published from New Delhi.

25. Uttam HinduAnother national Hindi newspaper of northern India which is published from Jalandhar and Delhi.

26. Deshdoot – founded in 1966. This is the leading daily newspaper in India and distributed in Maharashtra.

27. Business Standard – founded in 1975. This is the business related daily newspaper in India.

28. Sandhya PrakashDaily Hindi language newspaper and published in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

29. Sandhya PravaktaThis is the best evening based daily newspaper in India and published in Patna, Bihar.

30. Navajyoti – founded in 1936. Daily basis newspaper and published in Ajmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Kota, Rajasthan.

31. Tribune – founded in 1978. Most popular newspaper and published in Chandigarh, Delhi, Jalandhar, and Dehradun.

32. Divya Himachal – founded in 1997. This is the best selling daily newspaper and published in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana.

33. Daily News – founded in 1920. This is the most popular daily newspaper in India.

34. Sanjeevni Today – founded in 1982. One of another best and huge selling daily newspaper in India.

35. Nava Bharat – founded in 1934. This is another Hindi language daily popular newspaper in India.

36. Samachar JagatOne of the best and daily Hindi language newspaper published in India.

37. Dainik Savera Times – founded in 1942. This newspaper published in Jalandhar and most popular.

38. Panchjanya – founded in 1948. This is called the trusted and best Hindi newspaper in India.

39. Chauthi DuniyaThis newspaper featuring such as sports, cinema, showbiz, and more news.

40. Purvoday – founded in 1947. Daily newspaper in Hindi published various based news.

41. Bharat Khabar – founded in 1984. Most popular daily based Hindi newspaper read millions of reader monthly.

42. Dandakaranya Samachar – founded in 1959. Most of the people in India read daily this newspaper for getting update news.

43. Daily News Activist – founded in 1846.

One of the best Hindi language daily newspaper and read most of the people.

44. Purvanchal PrahariThis is called a trusted and updated Hindi newspaper in India.

45. AppkikhabarMost of Hindi language people read daily for getting update Hindi news.

46. Sach Ka Ujala – founded in 1948. One of the daily best newspaper in the Hindi language for updated news.

47. Krishak JagatThis is the newspaper based in Agriculture in India.

48. Dabang Dunia

49. Agniban – founded in 1920. This is one of the Madhya Pradesh based Hindi language daily newspaper.

50. Inextlive – founded in 2006. Both of English and Hindi based newspaper in India.

51. Daily Chhattisgarh – founded in 2000. One of the best and popular Raipur based daily newspaper in India.

52. Sanmarg Hindi (KolkataThis is another Hindi language best newspaper which published Orissa, Kolkata.

53. Pradesh Today – founded in 2010. One of the popular and trusted Bhopal based newspaper in India.

54. Pudhari – founded in 1937. Another Kolhapur based daily newspaper in India read daily most people.

55. Jagruk TimesThis is the most popular Mumbai based daily Hindi newspaper in India.

56. Hamara Mahanagar – founded in 1990. This is another Mumbai based Hindi language newspaper.

57. Swadesh ePaperThis is the online ePaper which published in Bhopal, India.

58. Aaj Ka Anand – founded in 1971. Most people read daily this newspaper which published in Pune.

59. Viraat Vaibhav ePaperThis is the New Delhi based daily Hindi language newspaper in India.

60. Deshonnati – founded in 1986.

61. Saroha Bulletin

62. Highway Channel – founded in 1955. Most of the people in India read this Hindi newspaper and published in Raipur.

63. Tarun MitraThis is Lucknow based daily basis newspaper which read most of the people.

64. Jansandesh TimesThis newspaper covering Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Kanpur, and Lucknow news daily.

65. Awantika

66. Royal Bulletin

67. Shah TimesThis is the Muzaffarnagar based daily Hindi newspaper in India.

68. Hawk epaper

69. Parichay Times

70. Naidunia

71. Raagdesh

72. Punjab Kesari, Delhi

73. Rashtriya Hindi MailThis is another best and daily Newspaper in the Hindi language published in Bhopal and Raipur.

74. Chaitanya LokMost of the reader daily read and published in Indore, Dhar, Jhabua, and Bhopal.

75. News 18

76. Webdunia Hindi

This is the web portal in Hindi featuring such as sports, entertainment, Bollywood news, health and more.

77. One India HindiThis is the online based news portal in India.

78. Daily Hindi News

79. Zee News Hindi

80. ABP News

81. BBC Hindi

82. Google news in HindiThis is the Hindi based newspaper covered different news by Google.

83. inkhabar.com

84. AAJ Tak News

85. UNI Varta

86. SwatantraawazThis is one of the another Lucknow based news portals in India.

87. Raviwar

88. IANS Hindi

89. Press NoteOne of the best and most popular Jaipur, Rajasthan based newspaper.

90. EMS India

91. News Wing

92. navsancharsamachar.comOne of the best news site which read most reader online.

93. Prativad

94. Sahara Samay

95. emalwa.comWe know it is the news website and news published on daily basis.

96. Legend News

97. raftaar.inThis is the Hindi news portal covering business, education, movies, music, sports, and lifestyles.

98. palpalindia.com

99. Bhopal SamacharOne of the Madhya Pradesh based news portal in India.

100. Jan Uday

101. Media Darbar

102. bhadas4media.com

103. Media Khabar

104. Dastak NewsOne of the Ujjain based news portal in India.

105. Hastakshep

106. Janadesh

107. Garja Chhattisgarh

108. EMS TV

109. YashBharat.com

110. dudhwalive.com

111. pravakta.com

112. Agra Samachar

113. News TrackOne of the best and popular Indore based news portal

114. Poorvanchal Media News

115. Tez News

116. Samachar Plus

117. Hindi thatscricket.com

118. Puri Dunia

119. Tahlka News

120. Sabguru News

121. News State

122. Epatrakar.com

123. Sportskeeda Hindi

124. 24hindinews.com

125. Wah Cricket

126. TOS News

127. Ghamasan

128. Alive NewsMost people read this news portal in Online daily.

129. APN Hindi

130. Journalist Cafe

131. Jai Anndata

132. News Post

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