Hair Rush Apk Download Free Game For Android

Run through the obstacles!
Collect delish stars!
Twist high into the sky!
And beat your rivals!

Grow the brightest and longest hair and make dizzying flights!

Hair Rush is an addictive, challenging but also super fun running game!

It’s a bad ripoff of hair challenge. It looks bad, the physics are so bad and the hair just glitches all over. And don’t bother spending the money you make trying to make the hair grow longer faster because it has done nothing even after 70 upgrades. Even on my best runs I can’t get past 51. And I got that highscore real early in the game anyway. I don’t recommed unless you’re looking for a game that’ll waste your time.


I would not recommend. This app has tons of glitches, I buy a skin but my skin is turned into another skin that I don’t even have. When I put on skins to see them, and play the game, all of those skins are morphed and laggy. I did not have an amazing experience.

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Arif Hossain

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