“H Is For Heartbreak” Abbey Glover Lyrics

A is for the way you Acted like you loved me
B is for the way you Broke my heart
C is for the way you never Cared about me
And D is for Don’t ever come back

E is for Everything I gave to you
F is for the Feelings I had too
G is for Gonna oh I’m Gonna be okay
H is for Heartbreak

I is for I really deserved better
And J is for Just you wait and see
Cause K is for Karma it’s gonna come and get ya
And L is for Love that you never had for me

M is for Memories that I don’t want to keep
N is for Nothing, that’s what you gave me
O is for Object that’s what you thought I was baby
P is for the Pieces my hearts in

Q is for the Questions
Always questioning myself
R is for Regrets, you’re one of them
S is for the Sadness that you made me feel
And T is for the Time I can’t get back

U is for not Understanding
And V is for Very much
W is for Was it fun breaking my heart?
X is what you are now you’re gone
And Y is for Yet again all by myself
And Z is the end just like us